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Spring Term 2019

Thursday 14th February

Please see the 'Homework' section for a half term activity. Many thanks surprise

Tuesday’s PE group

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We have been working all term on the gymnastic shapes, straight, tuck, star, pike and straddle. We have also been learning how to use the equipment safely and how to travel on it confidently. The children chose their own sequences and the gym shapes that they would use.
#feeling so proud of my group!


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Friday 8th February

Thank you for your snowy pictures below-the children got their hard wished for real snow and it sounds as though they really enjoyed it!! Thank you to the parents who came to help construct our igloo over the mark making table in the garden.  The children love it, even although we have had to prop it back up a few times!!  If anyone has some spare cable ties or gaffa tape at home that you would be able to donate for our mad garden constructions, then we would hugely appreciate them.  As better weather approaches (although looking out the window this morning |I am wondering if it will ever re-appear!) we love moving the children's learning outside more frequently.

This week we have read the story 'The gingerbread Man' and written our own thought bubbles for the characters.  We have been weighing in Maths and we made gingerbread men biscuits.  We have continued to learn about how people celebrate around the world and looked at the festival of colour- Holi.  We coloured and designed our own Rangoli patterns. In the creative area the class mixed ice paint and explored which of the primary colours red/blue/yellow mix together to make orange/green and purple. The children also explored what happens when ice melts and how we can speed this process up.  Its been a busy old week in Oak class!!

We have more weight and capacity learning to come next week and we would like you to help out at home.  This week we have noticed that some words that we use when talking about weight are not really fully understood by many of the class.  For example, we were comparing objects that were heavy and light- some children were quite confused and thought that heavy things would float. Helping the children to understand the concept that something light will stay on the surface (or be up on a seesaw) compared to something heavy that will sink (or go down on a seesaw)

Words such as heavy/light, full/empty, tall (& long)/short, high/low and the word 'difference' seem so simple to us, but need to be learned by a 4/5 year old.  Please use these words at home with your children as often as you can- and make them real- filling or emptying drink cups, bath-time play, at the park, shopping with a basket, or even out on a walk.  Being able to compare and use the correct mathematical vocabulary now, lays solid foundations and is hugely helpful for your child's learning when they move up into Year 1.  smiley


Friday February 1st

Well our highly anticipated Snow Day arrived and I hope you all had lots of fun.  If you took photos of Oak Class children playing in the snow and are happy for us to display them on our class page, please email them in and we can display them for others to see...

See you all back at school on Monday.


s'now school today!!

Week ending 25th January

The children are really enjoying our learning in class and have been very enthusiastic about the 'Frozen Planet' topic that we started a couple of weeks ago.  They particularly like the role play, where they can dress up in warm clothes and throw snowballs at each other!!  Our Arctic iceberg, with the creatures, have been moved from outside in the garden (where they were getting too damp) into the classroom and are proving to be popular during free choice activities, for the storytellers amongst the class.  Our storytellers are truly in their element as every Wednesday morning, Mrs Johnson (our school librarian) spends individual time with a group of children and records their spoken stories.  The whole class then joins together to act out these stories at the end of the session.  Its great fun and the children share and gain the storytelling language that they will need for writing in Year 1.  It also extends their vocabulary and improves their awareness of the structure of stories, ready for writing.  There has also been a huge leap forward in the children's writing skill.  We have noticed that they are independently mark making and giving meaning to their writing, even when they are not using the correct letters or words.  They are embarking on the writing journey- we are supporting them by encouraging them to sound out some simple words (as they do when they read their tags) and making sure that they now use the correct formation for the letters that they write.  If they write them incorrectly now, it becomes habitual and is very hard to undo in a year's time!  Now, I know some of you are thinking "I bet my child wasn't picking up a pencil- I bet they are in the building area or throwing snowballs".  To this I am going to say...DRAGONS.  We learned about the story of the years as part of our Chinese New Year RE and I put out some paper, in the garden, with dragons to colour and write on- a huge group of children loved this and picked up pencils.  I have a feeling that more dragons may be appearing in our future teaching and learning before the year is out!!

The nurse came into school this week and checked your child's height, weight, sight and hearing.  She issued letters- as a teacher we have no idea what was in this communication, but if your child has been flagged up as having a sight/hearing difficulty please could you let us know, as it will more than likely affect their classroom learning.  We can then think about where your child sits on the carpet, whether we need to chase the GP etc.  Many thanks.

**Lastly, I am still looking forward to putting up a temporary igloo in the garden with some helpers f possible.  I'd like to do this at the end of the day on Wednesday 30th if possible.  If you are able to come up to school a little earlier on Wednesday-say 2.30pm to help out then I would really appreciate it.  Just let me know on Monday/Tuesday, thank you.

Have a lovely weekend...the children are hoping for snow........!

Some more photos from the end of the week...having a go on Wheelchairs used for Basketball, being Mindful in class, science experiments, everyone reading in class, outdoor scooter fun and making snowflakes.

Welcome back to the New Year and may we wish everyone a happy one, particularly those expecting new arrivals in the Spring!  Jackie, Bridget and I would like to say a big thank you for all your  Happy Christmas wishes and gifts and we hope Father Christmas delivered all that you hoped for over the festive break smiley.

The children all seem happy to be back at school although they were very tired by the end of last week.  It's always hard getting back into a routine after a nice holiday away from school.  Just as well this next half term is a relatively short one.  Please do take a look at the Parent Planner which is under the 'Parent Information' section on our main class page.  It will inform you of our learning for the coming term and acts as a prompt for the sorts of conversations you may want to have with your children at home.

This last week saw all the children having a good try with their writing.  The photos to accompany the week are centered around our theme for the week which was our book, 'Lost and Found' by Oliver Jeffers.  Next week we will be reading 'One Snowy Night' by Nick Butterworth and investigating how blubber helps to keep Arctic Animals warm in freezing temperatures.

We are hoping to set up an Igloo in the outside play area.  We wondered if anyone might be able to help to contruct this one day during the week (guidance and supervision will be provided!) If you have a spare hour or so, please speak to Mrs Truckle and she will be able to let you know when this is planned in for.  Thank you very much.

Lost and Found writing and mark making

Lost and Found writing and mark making 1
Lost and Found writing and mark making 2
Lost and Found writing and mark making 3
Lost and Found writing and mark making 4
Lost and Found writing and mark making 5
Lost and Found writing and mark making 6
Lost and Found writing and mark making 7
Lost and Found writing and mark making 8
Lost and Found writing and mark making 9