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Winterbourne EarlsChurch of England Primary School

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Spring Term 2019

Week beginning 4th February

This week has been another busy one in Cherry Class. The children have been learning a new story in English; Supertato! We created a storymap of the text and the children spent the beginning of the week learning the story orally, including actions. We then had a go at using the storymap to write the story in our books and the children were all fantastic! They remembered so much of the vocabulary from the original story through using the images and actions and their writing was amazing. In Maths this week, we tackled a tricky concept of adding by making number bonds to 10. The children have risen to the challenge with resillience and determination and all of them have used practical equipment and written methods to show their understanding. On Wednesday, we were lucky enough to be invited to St Edmunds School to attend a fundamentals festival run by some of their students. It was a fantastic morning and the children had a lovely time, taking part in lots of different activities to develop their physical skills. 

This week we have been learning the 'air' and 'are' trigraphs in phonics and the children have practised writing and reading words with these phonemes in. 

If your child has not changed their library book this week, we will ensure they are all changed next week. 

Have a restful weekend and we will see you on Monday.

Week beginning 21st January 2019

This week we have been doing lots of exciting things in Cherry Class! The children have been learning how to use exclamation marks in English and using these in creating their own comic strips. These are fantastic and I am so proud of all the children's hard work. We have been looking at tens and ones in Maths as well as comparing and ordering numbers to 20. In Science, we created weather gauges for the outside area, which we are going to use to measure the rainfall across the next week or two. We also had a visit from Will Carter on Thursday, who very kindly came in to talk about disability and perseverence with the children. The children also had a go at wheelchair basketball and they really enjoyed this! In PE we have been continuing our work on dance and the children practised moving in cannon with a group. On Friday we went outside as the weather was slightly warmer and practised running and moving at different speeds. 

This week we have been practising the ou and ow graphemes like in the words house and clown. 

Have a lovely weekend and we look forward to another lovely week on Monday!

Week beginning 14th January

This week we have continued our learning on Superheroes. The children have planned and created some amazing comic strips which we will be completing next week in English. They looked at some examples and we talked about what comic strips need to include. We then planned our own using the superhero we created last week and drew the pictures for each box. In Maths we practised finding fact families and subtracting using a number line. The maths passport this week is based on fact families and children need to write the four number sentences for an image/set of numbers. E.g.





Please remember, if you have any spare 2L plastic bottles, please could you send these in for Tuesday 22nd January, as we will be using these for Science to create rain gauges. 

We have looked at the graphemes or, au and aw this week in Phonics and the children have been excellent at reading and writing words that include these graphemes. 

We looked at the work of Monet on Friday and created our own pictures of his garden using the impressionist style. The children were fabulous and their pieces of artwork are amazing! 

In PE we have been continuing our work on dance and working in unison to move with a partner. In gymnastics we have practised jumping on and off benches and continued to practise carrying equipment safely. We had a 'Bringing Prayer Alive' day on Thursday and the children came up with their own prayer for our class prayer book. They all came up with thoughtful and meaningful prayers which were lovely to read. 

We hope you have a lovely weekend and will see you back on Monday.

Week Beginning 7th January 2019

Welcome back to a new term in Cherry Class! We started the week off with a BANG! The children cam into Superhero School on Monday morning. They took part in different activities across the day to complete their superhero training. The children absolutely loved the start to our new topic and all had great fun exploring the different stations: super citizen, super identity, super mind, super HQ, super mask, super pose, super transport and super strength. For the rest of the week, we looked at the Mr Men superhero book and created our own superhero's, with descriptions, to use in some comic strips next week. In Maths this week, we have been finding fact families. Using images to find two addition and two subtraction number sentences. We looked at a famous scientist 'Mae Jemison' in Science this week and thought of some interesting questions we would ask her in an interview. We have been practising all of our phonemes and graphemes learnt so far in phonics this week and will be looking at our new sounds next week.

Maths homework will go home starting next Thursday and Tag words will continue to be checked weekly this term. 

If you have any spare 2L plastic bottles, please could you bring them into school on Tuesday 15th January, as we will be making rain gauges in groups for Science.

We sent home a reading book mark with your child on Friday - this has some questions on which you can ask your children during and after reading, to practise comprehension skills. 

We hope you all had a restful holiday and we are very excited for our Superhero topic this term.