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‘As each one does their part, we grow in love’

Spring Term 2019

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Spring Term 1 Week 5


This has been good week.

On Tuesday, we had a workshop delivered by a lady called Clare from Marks and Spencers. This linked with our PSHE topic of Careers and Dreams. During the workshop, we learned all about M & S. We looked at the history of the company, the job roles in M&S, the importance of different roles and created our own business for a birthday card.

Some children played in a netball friendly against Gomeldon and netball matches at St Marks.


What have we been learning this week?

RE- Sikh story about Guru Nanak and Malik Bhago. We drew pictures for some of the main events in the story.

PE- This week we had the wall bars out in PE to practice our 5 shapes. In games, we played bench ball.

English/ Topic- We have been learning about the play 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'. We wrote our own strange dreams, focusing on different sentence openers (ADDSPICE) and description.

Art- we painted Tudor portaits.

Maths- we have been converting equivalent fractions and improper to mixed fractions. To covnert an improper fraction to a mixed fraction, we have learned to use division. E.g. 13/4 would be 13 divided by 4 which would equal 3 and 1/4.

Science- learning about how animals are adapted to their environment.



South Wilts trip next Thursday (14th Feb)

Homework due in Monday

Check all mathletics tasks are up to date.

Spring Term Week 4

This week we have been starting to learn all about Shakespeare in Topic. We have begun to look at the play A Midsummer Night's Dream.


Our learning this week:

Maths- division and equivlalent fractions.

English- understanding the plot and character relationships in the play A Midsummer Night's Dream.

PE- Tag rugby and Gymnastics. In gymnastics this week, we looked at types of roll, focusing on the forward roll.

RE- We studied who Guru Nanak was and how Sikh stories teach important lessons. The story we learned about this week was Guru Nanak and the Jasmine flower.


On Wednesday, many of the class who are part of choir, went to the O2 Arena in London. This was an extremely long but AMAZING day. Well done to all those that took part and all the teachers who organised such an amazing trip.



Homework due in Monday

Bring in any snow photos from Friday



RE acting out a Sikh Story

Spring Term Week 3

In class this week, we have been learning all about the Battle of Bosworth and the soldiers who would have fought in the War of the Roses.


Our learning this week;
Maths- using bys stop method to solve problems.

English- using show not tell writing to portray feelings of characters, weather and time of day/year.

Science- inheritance of characteristics.

RE- why books are special. How does this relate to Sikhism? Focusing on the Guru Granth Sahib.

ICT- coding games using Scratch.

Art- Tudor portaits, focusing on sketching techniques.

PE- Tag rugby passing. Gymnastics- understanding the 5 shapes and using them in sequences involving flight.


On Thursday, we had a visit from Will. He came to talk to us about disability and the challenges that can be faced yet overcome with perseverance. his talk was inspiring and the children asked some really insightful questions. Below are some pictures of Mrs Carter and Will coaching us to do some wheelchair basketball.



Homework due in on Monday.

Spring Term 1 Week 2

Another busy week this week!


On Monday, we had a fantastic trip to Salisbury Museum. We did loads of fun activities including: making Tudor jugs, dressing up in Tudor clothes, playing a Tudor board game and exploring the Salisbury gallery.

On Wednesday, we had our class treat playing board games. A very enjoyable afternoon!


In class this week, we have been learning about:

Science- We started our unit on Inheritance and variation. We compared pictures of parents and children to spot similar characteristics that have been inherited.

Maths- We are learning to use the column method to multiply by a 2 digit number.

English- We reflected on our trip to Salisbury Museum. We wrote thank you letters and designed promotional leaflets for a Tudor day at Salisbury Museum.

PE- We practiced passing and chasing.

RE- We had a brilliant session led by the Bridge called 'Bringing prayer alive.' We took part in activities with Mrs Bravery and Mrs Rawnson making a prayer book, prayer bands and prayre fortune tellers.

Mindulness- On Friday, we had a visit from Mr Anderson for our second to last mindfulness lesson. What a great way to end the week!



Homework- maths passport, CGP English and spellings due Monday.



The Bridge Session

Spring 1 Week 1 WB 7/1/19


This week has been an extremely busy first week back!


What have we been learning?

English- Writing biographies about Tudor Monarchs.

Maths- Column multiplication.

ICT- Programming beebots and probots. Using Scratch to repeat processes.

Reading- We began our new story Flamingo Boy on Friday.

PE- We started Tag Rugby looking at passing backwards.

RE- We looked at our school vision and drew pictures to represent the vision. 'As each one does its part, we grow in love.' See some of our ideas below.


Trips/Other events

We visited South Wilts Grammar School for a maths problem solving workshop. This definitely tested our brains on a Friday afternoon!



Trip on Monday to Salisbury Museum.

Make sure mathletics is caught up from last term.

Practice Spellings for Monday.


Vision drawings