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Spring Term 2018

Week beginning 12 March

Please look through the photos of our Beaulieu trip; despite the cold weather we had a great time with lots of highlights.We learnt about the development of the car through history and then had a guided tour of all the exhibits in the Motor Museum including the first motors, Formula 1 cars, cars from films and unusual cars like The Outspan Orange car which was unstable to drive and kept rolling over as it was shaped like an orange! For the rides in the afternoon, most loved the open-top vintage London bus, some preferred the ride in 'Gumdrop' the old vintage car, sliding round in the back seat as we went round a corner and everyone enjoyed the trip on the monorail especially as it went through the actual museum. Most of us had already learnt about the history of Land Speed Records for homework and were thrilled to see a number of the older cars that held the record- including The Bluebird, The Sunbeam and The Golden Arrow with some original film footage on display. A great trip.

Thursday and Friday were snow days and we've sent our best photos into The Gallery.

This week we enjoyed a superb book week based on picture books. On Monday we learnt how to draw robots with Mike Brownlow, the creator of the television show 'Little Robots.' Our class book we shared with Year 4 was 'The Real Boat' which we have loved and based our artwork on one of the scenes from an ocean liner. Our dress up day on Friday was great fun. We went into the hall for the presentation of the money we raised for 'The World's Wettest School Run'. We celebrated those who had run round the 2km course in the quickest time- in our class it was Art and Allegra and Amber- and those who had raised the most money.The best bit for Mrs Carter was when she was invited by The Director to join The Sailors' Society on a trip to The Philippines in the summer. So she'll be able to swim the 2km herself. Incredible opportunity to twin with a school from another part of the world.

This next week our focus is on fractions in Maths and prepositions in Literacy,. We are spending any spare time rehearsing for The Selfish Giant as the first performance is in a fortnight's time.

Week beginning 26 February

The first week back after half term has been really busy with the focus on Ernest Shackleton the incredible explorer who planned to cross the continent of Antarctica with his brave 28 strong crew hand-picked from over 5000 men who applied to join him on his expedition.We have read about his bravery, his adventures and his determination to bring back home all his team when his ship, The Endurance, was crushed by ice. We have written about his expedition ready to include in the diaries we have sewn and stuck together.

The highlight was our own Polar Expedition to Mount Figsbury on Wednesday. We split into groups recreating Shackleton's crack team of experienced sailors, navigators, photographers, mountaineers, meteorologists and cooks. Once we had conquered the summit and hoisted our Union Jack flag as the first explorers to venture up this high, we returned to lower ground where we lit a fire using just the materials we found nearby. The cooks prepared rations of tomato soup and toasted rolls cooked on the open fire which were much appreciated by exhausted explorers.

Next week we are off to Beaulieu to visit the motor museum and look at the history of motoring. We are particularly interested in the Land Speed Records and we know that some of the cars that broke these records are on display there. The plan is to explore this in advance for homework. Remember the early start on Monday!

Our maths will focus on measures this week and the school value we are exploring this term is forgiveness. 


Week Ending 9 February

It's been a very busy half term with lots going on, but I think we are all ready for a well-earned break.

With a bright but frosty morning on Monday, we all enjoyed the 'World's Wettest School Run' with almost everyone in the class completing the maximum 10 laps. Chloe and Imogen, the charity reps, who had made their own T-shirts for the event, sprayed us all with super-soakers on the last lap so we did experience what a wet 2 km run would be like. Not quite as extreme as the 2 km swim the Philippine children have to complete just to get to school, but pretty close! We hope to raise a lot of sponsorship money from the event which will support these children and further contribute to the work of The Sailors' Society.

We have moved on to look at Ernest Shackleton's famous antarctic expedition and we are making diaries to write in and record the important parts of his hazardous journey. Our 'Polar Expedition' to 'Mount Figsbury' will take place after half term, with letters detailing both this event and the trip to Beaulieu sent out this week.(See letters page).

Everyone who would like to improve their running is invited to join running club on Wednesdays and Fridays starting week beginning 19 February. Letters again have been sent home. If any parents are keen to help, please can they contact Mrs Carter?

No formal homework is set over the holiday but everyone is expected to read lots for the Reading Challenge and practice times tables, especially those marking time on 3x and 4x table! Any extra practice on Mathletics will continue to develop confidence.


Week beginning 5 February 2018

Having enjoyed learning about Flat Stanley last week and created our own Flat Stanleys, we will be investigating whether they have the qualities needed to become an explorer with some of the amazing polar explorers. We will see if they exhibit courage, they are resourceful, determined and happy to undertake a voyage which may not be successful. We will be studying diaries and blogs to do with polar explorers so any knowledge that you may be able to share with them in advance (perhaps about Scott or Amundsen) would really enrich their learning.

We will also be investigating 'The Selfish Giant' which will be the Year 3/4 musical production at Easter. Details and dates to follow.

Maths will involve more consolidation on column subtraction with problems and puzzles on this topic to solve.

There will be no homework over half term so please encourage times tables and reading. After the holiday we will be swapping our music so that the violinists will learn the recorder and the recorder players will experience violins. Please remember to complete a reply slip if you wish to continue with the violin with Mrs Parsons. 

Don't forget Monday 5 February is our 'World's Wettest School Run' sponsored run/jog in aid of The Sailors' Society. Come in your own clothes and then bring your uniform and a towel to change into.

Week Beginning 29 January 2018 

We have enjoyed a fortnight writing poetry and performing poems. Special praise goes to Sammy who managed to learn a really long poem with lots of verses; he performed it really well and we liked his choice. Bella also got a courage award for overcoming nerves when she recounted her long dancing poem. We are now enjoying a fable writing unit, so reading other Aesop's fables at home would really help. Writing accurate speech is also a focus.

In Maths the class have cracked 3-digit column addition and are exploring lots of reasoning and problem solving activities on this target.

In our transport topic we have been looking at the slave trade and William Wilberforce- a man of great Christian faith who showed amazing perseverance trying to abolish the slave trade in Great Britain. Three children are also leading class worship on Martin Luther King- all examples of courage (our focus value this term.) We will be moving on to look at other brave pioneers, especially Arctic explorers in the next fortnight.

Week beginning 15 January 2018

Happy New Year! The class started really positively with lots of assessments in the first week.

For our first unit in English we are looking at poetry, starting with Christmas Thankyou's and now studying sound poems with a few unusual raps thrown in for a bit of fun. 

Now we are confident in adding 2-digit numbers mentally and by partitioning, we have moved on to column addition in Maths and this is going well. Once established, we will work on 3-digit addition and extend our learning with reasoning and problem solving activities linked to this objective.

The highlight of our first week back was our taster sessions of wheelchair basketball. Mrs Carter is a coach for a local team and was able to borrow four chairs for us to try. We were all surprised at how speedy they were and how quickly they turned round. It was very tricky trying to control a ball and wheel at the same time though!

Having made model rafts and tried to load them with tiny people for our first Science lesson, this coming week we will be focusing more on transport, our new topic, starting with sea travel and linked to the life of William Wilberforce.

We have also gained 10 marbles and are choosing our next class treat. Well done everyone for focusing on daily reading and we will look forward to us doing well in the new school-wide reading challenge.