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Winterbourne EarlsChurch of England Primary School

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Spring Term 2018

Week beginning 5th March


This week has been an exciting book week! We started the week with a visit from the author Mike Brownlow. In the morning he told us all about his new book (that hasn't even been published yet) and in the afternoon we had a drawing workshop with him. He taught us how to draw different expressions and create characters. On Tuesday we looked at the book You Choose in English - our chosen picture book. Inspired by the book we talked about our future - what we'd like to be, where we would live, how we would travel and what we would eat. We had some very creative ideas! On Thursday we thought about the reasons for our choices - why would we choose to live in a castle? Why would we choose to have a swimming pool? We then wrote these up independently and they are now proudly on our Writing Wall. Mrs Baker was thrilled with our writing.

In Maths we have been continuing our fractions. We had to find a third of a quantity on Tuesday and have been recapping our halves, quarters and thirds the rest of the week. We also had some very tricky reasoning and problem solving questions that we tried our best with.

On Wednesday we split into mixed age groups.  We took part in two activities based on the picture book A Dark, Dark Tale - making picture books and expressive dance/drama.

Finally today we had our dress up day. All the children looked fabulous and worked hard writing who am I clues this morning. Some of them kept us guessing for a while. We finished the day and week with a whole school assembly to showcase our work from book week 2018.

Have a super weekend and see you on Monday.


Week beginning 8th January


The children have settled back into school routines really well - it already feels like we've been back longer than a few days! It has been lovely to hear all the holiday news over the past few days. 

This week we have launched our new exciting topic PLANET EARTH. We've had a quick look at the solar system, learnt all the planet names and some facts, and are now ready to focus on the planet we call home. We had a great lesson using Atlases to find countries and then we labelled all the continents and oceans.

In Maths we have started our multiplication unit. The children have all grasped it really well. We started off looking at equal groups, then moved onto repeated addition and finished the week using the multiplication symbol. I'm so pleased with the work everyone has achieved this week.

In English we have been comparing different landscapes - a desert and some mountains. We described them using adjectives and looked at the similarities and differences. Then we thought about how a human could survive in one of the landscapes. What would it need? This linked to our Science lesson on the Human Body. We were fascinated with the heart, lungs, skeleton, brain and muscles.

On Thursday we had The Bridge in for our Trinity Day. We learnt about God and how he is The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. We completed lots of different tasks and activities which I'm sure you've seen the children bring home.

Next week we will be continuing our multiplication with arrays and looking briefly at the 2, 5 and 10 times tables.

In English we will be following our current text, Here We Are by Oliver Jeffers.