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Spring Term 2018

Week beginning 19th March

This week we will be writing our own versions of Finding Nemo, creating our own characters and using the structure to base our own around. In Maths we will be learning to count in 2's 5's and 10's. On Tuesday we have the Bridge in, to do a 'Colours of Easter' session with us in the morning. 

Week beginning 12th March

Firstly, it was fantastic to see all parents at parents evening this week and share the amazing things that your children have been doing. We were back to normal after an exciting week celebrating book week. In English, we have been looking at 'Finding Nemo' to continue our work on Blue Planet. The children have really enjoyed looking at and comparing different characters and thinking about the structure of the story. The children wrote some fantastic thoughts for the characters and really thought about their writing and spelling this week. In Maths we started looking at numbers to 50 - thinking about the tens and ones in each of the numbers and how we can find one more and one less than numbers. The children also started thinking about comparing numbers to 50 using the more than > and less than < symbols. We created some fantastic art work this week, copying a step by step video to create our own cartoon fish. The children were careful and detailed in their drawings and added some beautiful colours to their fish. We will be putting these up on our Topic Display. In PE, we continued work on ball control and passing to each other in a controlled manner. The children are getting better at pausing and controlling their kicks. 

We sent a letter home this week regarding our school trip on the 28th March - if you did not receive one/need another copy please do not hesitate to come and ask. 

If you have not returned your child's permission form for the Fundamentals Festival at St Edmunds, please ensure this is also returned ASAP. The festival has been rescheduled for Tuesday 27th March - if any parents are available to help on this afternoon please let us know! 

Week beginning 5th March

Book week! We started the week with a visit from author and illustrator, Mike Brownlow. The children had a fantastic session, drawing robots and emotions as well as sharing some of the stories which he has written. We continued book week with a round robin on Wednesday morning, where the children mixed across year groups and carried out two activities - expressive dance/drama and creating their own mini books based on the story, A Dark Dark Tale. The children were also challenged to break into a block of 'Black Ice' and rearrange an anagram to find an object/setting from in the book. They all had a fantastic morning and really enjoyed the different activities. In Maths this week, we looked at comparing number sentences and related number facts e.g. 5 + 2 = 7 and 7 - 2 = 5. The children did very well with these concepts, especially related number facts and despite the change of routine, worked very hard in Maths. In English, we were looking at the book 'You Choose' and the children had to plan their future using the pictures in the book. They then went on to produce some lovely writing based on their choices from the book - these are now on our writing wall, so you will all be able to see the fantastic writing next week at parent's evening. On Friday, we had the dress up day for the children, who all looked amazing! They had to guess, after a series of clues, who the adults in the school were dressed up as and all did a super job at this. In the afternoon, we had a collective worship to celebrate all the amazing things each class has been doing across the week - it was lovely to share with the rest of the school. We hope you have a lovely, relaxing weekend and to all the Mum's - enjoy Mother's Day! We will see you back on Monday.

Week beginning 26th February

This week has been a bit of a crazy one with all of the snow! We hope you enjoyed yourselves in the snow on Thursday and Friday, but before it fell we did lots of hard work in the classroom. In English we looked at a new book 'Hidden Forest', which is set underwater. The children wrote some amazing, descriptive sentences based on what they thought could be hiding under the water. In Maths, we started looking at subtraction when crossing 10 and the children did really well at understanding and showing this. In Science, we looked at the life cycle of a Sea Turtle and the children had lots of interesting questions to ask. In PE, Victoria came in again and due to the cold, we worked inside this week, using our spatial awareness activities from last week, but with the addition of a ball. A reminder that next week is book week, so things will be slightly different across the school - however the children will have a fantastic time doing lots of different activities, including the author visit on Monday. Maths passports will resume next Friday, as the snow days prevented them from being sent out this week! 

Week beginning 19th February

Welcome back to another busy half term in Cherry Class! We have been straight back into things this week and the children have done an amazing job at transitioning back into school life after the week off. In Maths we have been looking at adding by bridging 10 - a concept which lots of the children found a challenge, but which they all worked exceptionally hard at. In English, we watched a video of a diver going underwater and used this to plan our own diver diaries. The children planned and wrote these across the week and they have produced some amazing writing which we are very proud of. We are lucky enough to have Victoria helping teach us ball skills in PE on a Wednesday afternoon and the children really enjoyed their first session with her, learning more about spatial awareness. Overall, a lovely start to the term and we look forward to what the rest will bring!

Week beginning 5th February

This week the children have been doing lots of lovely work in the run up to half term! We started the week with the world's wettest school run in which all of the children managed to push themselves and do an amazing job at running around the track. All of the children really appreciated the hard work that the children in the Philippines have to go through to get to school every day! In English this week, we have been thinking about suffixes and prefixes. The children have learnt how these can change words to sometimes mean different things e.g. un-. They have worked very hard to understand these new concepts and have shown good knowledge in using them all. In Maths this week, we have been finding and using number bonds to 20. The children have mostly secured their knowledge in bonds to 10 and have used these to find the bonds to 20. This knowledge will help them in further addition and subtraction work which we will do, next half term. We hope that you all have a lovely, restful half term and look forward to seeing you back on the 19th February. 

Week beginning 29th January

We have had another busy week in Cherry class. The children have been working really hard and have nearly filled up the pom-pom jar again! In Maths we have recapped our number bonds to 10 and started thinking about how these link to number bonds to 20. In English, we have written fact files about animals and written acrostic poems to do with Earth towards the end of the week. In PE this week, we have been doing more practise on throwing and catching and the children have started bouncing the balls as a way of passing. In Science, we looked at the different parts of animals bodies and compared this to the body parts that we have as humans. The children have also been thinking about how other children in the class may have shown courage this week, and have written their thoughts on post-it notes to go in our reflective area. It has been lovely reading these and is something which we will carry on into next week and the following terms. Just a reminder that children should come in on Monday in their own clothes for our 'World's Wettest School Run' and bring their school uniforms to change into once this is complete. Have a lovely weekend and we look forward to seeing you back for the last week of term on Monday.  

Week beginning 22nd January

We have now completed our 3rd full week of this half term - it is flying by! The children have been working very hard and are doing an amazing job at being independent in the classroom. This week we have been checking children's understanding of everything we have learnt so far in Maths, as well as recapping our number bonds to 10! In English, we have been finding and writing facts about different animals. The children used highlighters to pick out key information and then wrote the main facts on post-it notes. At the beginning of next week, they will be creating their own fact files for different animals. In Science this week we have looked at grouping and classifying animals based on a question e.g. does it have wings? The children were fantastic at thinking of questions to provide them with groups for the animals and worked well with partners to sort them. In PSHE this week, we talked about our successes and how we managed to have success in different things. We thought about how we could help others to have success and how we can celebrate with others when it happens. 


Week beginning 15th January

This week in Cherry Class, we have been very busy! In Maths, we have been looking at the numbers 11-20 and writing them in numerals and words. We have also started thinking about how the teen numbers are made up of tens and ones. The children have all worked really hard in Maths this week and have done a super job. In English, we have been grouping and comparing animals - we have been writing sentences to say what is the same and what is different about them. We have also been thinking about what questions we have about our Planet and practising using a question mark in our writing. In Science this week, we learnt about our senses and which part of the body each sense is associated with. The children were very good at this and enjoyed thinking about what we use our senses for. Just to let you know, we have changed our PE days due to a change of timetable, so we now do PE on a Wednesday afternoon and a Friday morning. 

We hope you have a lovely weekend!

Week beginning 8th January

The children have really got back into the swing of things this week. We have been looking at taking away by counting back and finding the difference in maths and the children have all been superstars! They have remembered subtraction well from before Christmas and have taken on board the new learning fantastically. In English we have been looking at a new book based on our topic called, 'Here We Are: Notes for living on Planet Earth'. This book provides some amazing illustrations and stimuli for the children to base their work around. We have been comparing different types of land this week: the desert and the mountains and writing about what we would need to survive in each of them. We ended the week by looking at the animals which we share the Earth with and grouping them based on similarities that they have. In Science, we began looking at the human body and labelled our body parts. We were also lucky enough to have the Bridge in on Wednesday, who carried out a session on Trinity and how we see God in three different ways. The children responded amazingly to this session and all participated very well.

Maths passports will now be sent out on a Friday, still due in on a Wednesday as Miss Wright's PPA times have changed. 

Have a lovely, relaxing weekend and we will see you back next week.  

Welcome back! 

Week beginning 1st January

Welcome back to Cherry Class ready for a new term and lots of exciting learning! The children were only back for two days this week, so we did lots of talking about our Christmas holidays and writing about our favourite moments. We have also introduced our new topic 'Planet Earth', where we looked at where our planet lies in the Solar System. The children have really enjoyed the start of this topic and seem very interested in finding out everything they can. We have talked about what a new years resolution is and the children have come up with some fantastic ideas for themselves, which have been written on stars and put up on our new topic display. 

We have rearranged the book scheme across KS1, so that the book boxes coincide with the national book bands. This means that your child may bring home books of a different colour, but we have read with them over the past two days and placed them in the relevant colour box. 

We hope you have a good weekend and come back ready for our first full week on Monday.