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Silver Birch Class --Year 2--






Here you will find details of our learning, achievements and any important information.


Class Teachers 

Mrs. Truckle (Monday - Wednesday) 

Mrs. Woodfine (Thursday/Friday)



Teaching Assistant - Mrs. Jacobs



If you are collecting your child from our class on Tuesday 27th June, then why not join us in the classroom for our story @3pm.  The children have a story to retell for you with Mrs Johnson.  (If you can't come, then don't worry, we'll be taking a video to post in our work gallery.)


Please see the galleries below for new photo's taken on our trip and whilst working at school. frown


Thank you to all our Parents who helped put up (and take down) the gazebo outside of our classroom last week, sent in small containers of sun screen and provided endless hats and water bottles!!!!  It was unbelievably hot and the children coped amazingly well with the rising temperatures as we headed through the week.  Thankfully this coming week is going to be an awful lot cooler!!!  We kept a record of the temperatures for the week and we will be thinking about reading temperature scales and thermometers in our Maths this coming week.  As you know, Mrs T and Mrs Woodfine will be teaching in Reception in September, which means that we will be involved in the induction process over the next couple of weeks with the incoming new children.  This starts with our pre-school visits this coming week (remember those days?!)  Due to this, it does mean that we maybe out of class at various times through the week.  Please see below for details and teachers who will be covering.  Mrs Jacobs will be in class every day all day as normal.


Wb 20.6.17

Last week in maths we put the various bottles and containers to very good use and learned how to read a scale on a jug or beaker, when we were finding out about capacity and volume.  The children spent the beginning of the week comparing the volume of various containers, putting them in order of least to most, counting cups and using drawings and pictures, alongside the symbols (>, <, =) to record what they found.  They also started to use the language of volume and read scales in ml and l. (millilitres/litres).


We tied our English together with our Topic work and learned about the different types of jobs that people in medieval times did, particularly those jobs in a castle.  We had great fun pretending to go to a job interview and then we had to apply for that job in writing.  Funnily enough, not many children wanted to be a 'gong farmer'.  I wonder why? Maybe ask your child what this job was.......Mrs Mac was in on Wednesday and the children started a diary entry about 'a day in the life of...' the person in the job they had applied for.  She also worked with them in RE during the afternoon...which some children missed as it was so hot they headed home early.....such a good idea!


In PE (on Monday)we played some team games, which mainly involved LOTS of cups of water.  The children had to work with their team to fill a bucket before the other team.  At the end we decided to throw the water around to cool us all was brilliant!


In Computing the children have been working on coding this term and after the fun of jam sandwich instructions with the Mrs J & T robots a couple of weeks ago, we decided to look at a coding program called 'Scratch'.  So, on Tuesday afternoon the children explored the program and had fun making the sprite whizz around the screen.  This is a program the children will go on to learn to use properly in Year 3 as part of the Computing curriculum.  Please let your child 'play' with it and explore it at home.  They need to have some familiarity with it in order to learn to use it successfully in lesson time next year.  There is a link to the laptop/computer version below and I know that there is a slightly simpler version available on an app called 'scratch jnr' available for IOS.


Wb 26.6.17  Teacher cover

Tuesday;  Mrs T out during the afternoon; Ms. Swan covering

Wednesday;  Mrs T out all day; Mrs Mac covering

Thursday;  Mrs Woodfine out during the afternoon; Mrs Mac covering


Other 'regular' homework;

Purple books- can be returned to the class on Monday as normal ready for the new 'Song of sounds' homework to go in it. (Song of Sounds homework sheets are also put into the 'homework' section below)

Maths SATs practice books-if you have one of these at home please return it ready for new work to go in it on Thursday,


Thank you!


Things to remember........

  • Show & Tell This is done at the end of the day on a Wednesday (20 minutes story time) with Mrs Jacobs.  All items for show and tell have to be on Mrs T's desk by the end of the day on Tuesday, with a name label (so we know who is 'showing')  Mrs Jacobs can only manage to get through @5 items during 'show & tell',  so if they are brought in on Wednesday they may have to wait until the following week.
  • Silver Birch PE days are Monday (outside)  and Thursday (outside/in the hall).  However, please ensure that your child has kit on their peg in school every day, as this may be subject to change at short notice if we have a visitor, or another class requires the hall/school field on our PE day.  The PE kit should include ; black shorts, yellow t-shirt, cap or hat and plimsolls.  Children can also bring trainers for outdoor PE (Velcro straps if they are unable to tie laces please)  Jogging bottoms will be needed for outside, as the weather gets colder. 
  • Water Bottles - please ensure that your child has a water bottle daily.  These should only contain water, as the children keep them on their desks.  Please do not put juice, squash or flavoured water into the bottles as they make the desks sticky and continual sipping of juice/squash is not good for your child's teeth.  They also attract insects such as wasps and ants into our classroom.
  • Coats - The children go out to play 3 times a day for playtimes, come rain or shine.  If they do not have their coat on a wet playtime, they will have to stay under the shelter in the playground and may come home very soggy indeed!!  If you drive to school and often forget their coat, it may be worth investing in a pac-a-mac/lightweight waterproof that you can leave on your child's peg at school for emergencies.
  • Rucksacks/backpacks - As you may have noticed we are not blessed with a particularly large cloakroom in Silver Birch class.  If at all possible please do not send your child with a rucksack/backpack as there is very little room on their peg for such items.

Reading books/ letters/ homework in Silver Birch class

Please make sure your child brings their reading book and diary to school every day, thank you.

The adults in Silver Birch class will not be checking your child's book bag on a daily basis, but will ask the children to hand in letters, money, homework or change their reading books when they first come into class at 9am.  We also ask you to date and record the titles of the reading books in your child's diary.

In Year 2 it is the responsibility of the child and Parent to change the reading books when required.  This is the next step in developing your child's independence and taking responsibility for their own belongings & learning.

  • There is usually a box in class for finished homework and a tray for letters/trip money.
  • Please remind your child to hand in letters/change their books when they come into class in the morning. 
  • If your child is brought to school by a carer, please ask the carer to remind them.  In the past some Parents have set up a 'tag' system, where a tag is tied to your child's bag with a written/coloured reminder on it, which your child will see when they hang up their book bag at school.
  • If your child forgets to change their book or hand in work, please pop into the class at the end of the day to do this with your child.

In Silver Birch class one of the adults (Mrs Truckle/Woodfine or Jacobs) will hear your child read a few pages of their reading book once a week.  Your child will also take part in a guided reading session with an adult once a week.