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Here you will find details of our learning, achievements and any important information.

Our class teacher is Mrs Carter and our teaching assistant is Mrs Thornhill.

To allow Mrs Carter to have some deputy head time to help Miss Purchase, we have Mrs Hood on Wednesday afternoons and all day Thursday.


First Rowan Class photo

First Rowan Class photo 1

Rowan Class September 2016 Roald Dahl Day

Rowan Class September 2016 Roald Dahl Day 1

Wheelchair Basketball: October

Wheelchair Basketball: October 1

Remembrance: November

Remembrance: November 1

Christmas Dinner: December

Christmas Dinner: December 1

Stonehenge : January

Stonehenge : January 1

Stone Age Day: January

Stone Age Day: January 1

Book Week March 2017

Book Week March 2017 1

Cricket at Chafyn Grove School: May

Cricket at Chafyn Grove School: May 1

Beaulieu Covert Operations Trip June 2017

Beaulieu Covert Operations Trip June 2017 1

World War II Themed Day

World War II Themed Day 1

Museum of Army Flying Trip: 5 July 2017

Museum of Army Flying Trip: 5 July 2017 1

12 July 2017

This last month we have been so busy with our World War II work. We have each written detailed evacuee story based on Shirley Hughes' Book 'The Lion and The Unicorn'. We have edited our draft chapters, made the descriptions and punctuation better, written them in best and then shrunk them into the correct book size. Sophie and, Emma, Freya and Rhori have each written a 12 or so page story, which has to be a record for Year 3! The illustrated books will be coming home to share with parents.

In the last fortnight we have been working hard to complete the last couple of sections on our maths passports and we have the first couple completed- well done to Sam and Emma! We've also had nearly 2/3 of the class complete the tables wall (ie able to recall 26 questions on every times table within a minute) with a couple more trying hard to finish- Jenna is nearly there, passing one mad minute each day.

The trips this month have been a real highlight and we were blessed with beautiful hot weather for each day. We learnt about the work of our Special Operations Executive agents (spies) who were trained at Beaulieu and then parachuted behind enemy lines to help the Allies with their intelligence. We focused on vehicles from WWII in the motor museum and the best bit had to be the Monorail.

Our themed day was great fun and Mrs Carter was thrilled with the effort we had put into our costumes. We focused on 'Dig for Victory', making yummy cookies out of carrots and planting lettuces, tomatoes and green beans in our school raised beds. We are having a competition to see which group can grow the most vegetables by the end of term.

The Museum of Army Flying was voted a better trip than Beaulieu but very different, focusing on the use of aircraft during the war. We learnt a lot about various sorts of gliders that were constructed in wood (at factories which originally made coffins), towed over the channel and then drifted towards the ground. Some of the bigger gliders could actually carry small tanks as well as soldiers. We learnt about the history of flight and dressed up as helicopter pilots for the simulator.

26 May 2017

This last week has been really busy but great fun, starting with our VE Day Tea Party on Monday afternoon. We began by mounting all our Make Do and Mend projects with 'before' and 'after' photos so that our guests could decide the winner. At lunchtime we helped Mrs Carter and Mrs Thornhill lay the tea table with white tablecloths, fine bone china, roses, cake forks, jam, cream and lots and lots of cakes.

Our guests starting arriving at 1:15 and we each had a guest to look after. We showed them our projects and they voted for the best one, which was Jenna. She made a hanging butterfly decoration from an old dress. Once all of our guests had arrived we sang 'Run, Rabbit, Run' then 'Daisy, Daisy' and 'The Quartermaster's Store.' We were thrilled that everyone joined in; we even had some harmonies! Tea time was next and we collected tea in the china cups making sure we were very careful. After our guests had eaten, we were allowed to help ourselves to the cakes, which was a real treat.

After tea we sat with our special guests and asked them about their experiences of the war. We made lots of notes and they showed us medals they'd been awarded, dolls they'd cherished, ration books and albums with photos from their childhood in the war. It was fascinating to hear how much the spirit of togetherness during those difficult times came through in what they said.

Our lovely parent volunteers helped clear away and we were all tidy by home time.

We learnt lots from the day and have received a number of lovely thank you letters from our guests. We wrote up our notes and Mrs Carter has now mounted all our Make Do and Mend projects for everyone to see. 

19 May 2017

The last couple of weeks have whizzed by, particularly because the wonderful Joseph production kept us busy. The actual performances to parents on 11 and 12 May were very well received and everyone appreciated how much we have all loved the singing. A brilliant performance with lots of thanks to Mrs Rawnson who organised, supervised and enthused us all. Please check all the photos on the Year 4 web page.

Our World War II topic has been going well and the highlight this week has been the Make Do and Mend project. On Monday and Tuesday, parents and grannies came in to teach us how to sew, embroider and knit. We also learnt how to use the hand operated sewing machine; it proved quite tricky to hold the material in the correct place whilst turning the handle. Boys were straightest overall in their stitching!

By the time Friday came for the Make Do and Mend Challenge,the class were much better at sewing. Children arrived with an article of clothing or scrap material and then had two hours to transform it into something useful. We had some lovely creative ideas- who'd have though a tie could become a glasses case or a pyjama leg a drawstring bag?

In Literacy we have been sharing The Lion and The Unicorn, a lovely WWII book about a Jewish evacuee. We shall be writing our own evacuee stories soon. Maths has focused around multiplication which has been grasped really well. A speedy recall of times tables has helped all of us!

Make do and Mend

Make do and Mend 1
Make do and Mend 2
Make do and Mend 3
Make do and Mend 4
Make do and Mend 5
Make do and Mend 6
Make do and Mend 7
Make do and Mend 8
Make do and Mend 9

Science Week

Science Week 1
Science Week 2
Science Week 3
Science Week 4
Science Week 5
Science Week 6

7 April 2017

We finished off the term with a brilliant Science week, made even better by lovely blue skies and warm temperatures, especially good for the outdoor activities. Teamed up in our family groups, we started the week with a walk up towards Figsbury Rings to see what science we could discover. The falconer was amazing, teaching us how to handle and look after the birds. He let some of the older children weigh some of the birds of prey and then in the afternoon he led a fascinating falconry display. The barn owl very gracefully flew between a row of children and the peregrine falcon stooped low over our heads trying to catch the lure showing us how fast these birds can fly.

For our practical Science activity we made birds of prey shadow puppets and then carried out an investigation with the puppet theatres that we'd made out of cardboard boxes. We measured the distance from the light source to the puppet and then measured the wing span and wrote down what we noticed. We are displaying our puppet theatres in the cloakroom so every one can see.

There were 12 enthusiastic children from our class who took part in the Figsbury Challenge on 1 April and Mrs Carter was thrilled that we did so well in the 3km race, running against a huge number of older children. It was a great day for all, with lots of money raised for both the charities we supported and our school. Well done to all the runners who competed and we were pleased that our training in running club had been worthwhile.

Figsbury Challenge

Figsbury Challenge 1


Football 1
Football 2
Football 3
Football 4
Football 5
Football 6

31 March 2017

Great news today as four of our class were part of the winning football team in the Small Schools' Tournament at Laverstock. Well done to Sophie, Sam, Rhori and Jacob who contributed to an impressive win- the team conceded no goals in the whole tournament and won in the final against Gomeldon 5:0. What was brilliant to see was the team work shown by all members of the team and how everyone felt encouraged.

This week we have hosted Mr Revel from the Diocesan Board of Education. He took five children from each class and asked them questions to try and gauge the level of spirituality throughout the school. He was really thrilled with his response so positive- he shared that every child showed respect for each other's views and all showed superb levels of confidence. He asked us all if we thought it would be better to be a child or an adult. That made us think and start to appreciate what is so good about being a child!

Last week we continued to look at fables, the morals they teach us and what we can learn from a good fable. Maths is centred around fractions of amounts and we've looked at this practically and then using the numbers.

Our thanks go to the huge number of parents who attended the Learning Alongside your Child Reading Workshop. We hope you enjoyed working with us and we can now all move our reading on together. Please remember bedtime stories. We love them at any age! The slides are at the bottom of this page for reference.

The Bridge visited us and made us think about 'The Sounds of Easter.' It was thought-provoking and reinforced our understanding of the Easter Story and what it means to us.

Sadly swimming has finished for the year. Parents have said how much all children have improved from those who at the start wouldn't put their face in the water and managed to swim a length at the end to those who could swim 800m in different strokes by the last session.

Although swimming has finished, Judo has started on a Thursday, so one door closes and another opens!

10 March 2017

Book week was brilliant. The theme this year was poetry.We loved dressing up as poets or characters from poems or rhymes. Some of our class offered to learn by heart the poem 'The Owl and The Pussycat' to share as a flashmob as the introduction to the week. The staff all learnt parts of a Cat in the Hat poem. Mrs Carter forgot one of her lines and told us how hard it is even for adults to learn things and then recite them in front of an audience.

James Carter the poet was quite mad but great fun. We made up descriptive poems with him and then shared them with the rest of school. The Railway Children theatre visit was enjoyed by everyone and we loved time to drop everything and read on Friday. We learnt skipping rhymes and playground games focusing on poetry and we made a musical accompaniment to 'The Owl and The Pussycat' which we shared with the rest of the school.

10 February 2017

We loved Where's Wally story writing week. The staff surprised us by dressing up in stripey tops, bobble hats and glasses. Wenda herself ( the older children reckoned it was Mrs Johnson) came in to tell us about all the activities going on and we then looked at a Stone Age Where's Wally page. It was so full of detail that we could learn lots about the activities in this period of time just by zooming in. We then focused our story writing on this, describing being crushed by woolly mammoths and wildly chasing fierce boars, building it up over the fortnight. Some of our stories are on display in reception and the others will go in our topic books.

We have been lucky enough to have Tom Bigglestone from The Philosophy Man working with our school on deeper questioning called Philosophy for Children. We have been learning to present a viewpoint, share it, agree or disagree with it and then listen to each other. We've learnt a lot- that we respect everyone's views, it's OK to agree or disagree and it's also OK to change our mind. We will be looking at different arguments some of which focus on science. His feedback has been great; he said he felt really welcome in our school and there is a warm atmosphere at Winterbourne. We agree!

The Bridge

The Bridge 1
The Bridge 2
The Bridge 3
The Bridge 4
The Bridge 5


27 January 2017

This fortnight we have been really busy with our Prehistory activities including our two-in-one trip to Pizza Express and Salisbury Museum on 19 January and our Stone Age Day on 23 January.

Pizza making was superb fun- we even got to throw the dough up to stretch it- and by the end most bases were full of holes. Fortunately we were allowed to have another piece of dough to shape for the pizzas that we took home.We tasted lots of pizza ingredients like olives, mozzarella cheese, raw red onion, basil and cherry tomatoes and then made one pizza each which was boxed up and kindly taken back to school by a parent helper.

At the museum we learnt lots about the Amesbury Archer who was excavated when the foundations for the new school at Amesbury were dug. The Education Officer told us everything that the archaeologists discovered about him and, even though he is one of the most significant finds from the Stone Age period, how lucky the museum is to have him on display in Salisbury. We loved all the drawers and cupboards we could open to discover more about the Stone Age, sketched skeletons and artefacts, and were excited to discover quite a number of finds actually from Winterbourne.

After lunch we became experts, handling real artefacts, sketching and measuring them and examining them in great detail. Lastly we dressed up in role, in fur and real leather.

On Monday we had a great Stone Age day. The costumes were superb with detail added by us children like necklaces, spears, axes and clubs. Inside, Mrs Thornhill prepared the bread dough and our parents helped us with chalk cave paintings and clay pots, whilst Mrs Carter and a dad supervised us using saws and axes. We learnt about the importance of keeping warm (as it was sub-zero temperature at the start of the morning) and how important it was to build a fire and keep it going. We lit our fire and then cooked bread dampers (amazingly cooked all the way through) and stewed fruit. At the end of the day we invited Miss Purchase and Mrs Hyde to taste our cooking and they were very impressed!


13 January 2017

We have had an exciting start to the new term with a lot of our activities focused on our new topic of Prehistory. We have been learning about how the stones were transported to the site at Stonehenge and have carried out experiments with to do with this. The first task was to investigate how the bluestones arrived from west Wales and so we made rafts and counted how many bluestones could be carried in our tank of water before the raft sank. Our next investigation was to discover how the huge sarsen stones arrived from Marlborough Downs and through this experiment we learnt about rollers, sledges and group work!

Stonehenge, although wet, was very interesting; it was good to see how the layout of the stones changed over time and learn about the people who lived at Durrington Walls.

Maths has been linked into our experiments and Literacy has focused on myths and legends. We wrote our own Stonehenge myths and made them out of Lego as part of our workshop at Stonehenge. We took lots of photos and aim to continue our myths in Literacy lessons.

The Bridge have been working with us on our RE and we have been using puppets to demonstrate how people express their worship. Tom, a lead trainer from The Philosophy Man, has also been working with our class as part of a school project focusing on our Spirituality and Science focus.

Pizza Express

Pizza Express 1
Pizza Express 2
Pizza Express 3
Pizza Express 4
Pizza Express 5
Pizza Express 6

Salisbury Museum

Stonehenge activities

Stonehenge activities 1
Stonehenge activities 2
Stonehenge activities 3
Stonehenge activities 4
Stonehenge activities 5
Stonehenge activities 6

18 December 2016

This term has really flown by with the last few weeks particularly busy with the run up to Christmas. The class tree was up and lit by 1 December and members of the choir already had performed their first carol concert for the Christmas Tree Festival. Our class performed really well and we were all proud of them in the big Small Schools' Carol Concert at The City Hall, which was great fun. We had The Bridge in to explain using film clips and discussions about the real meaning of Christmas.

We all enjoyed our last unit in Literacy. Mrs Carter followed our instructions on 'How to Make a Jam Sandwich' to the letter and ended up covering the plastic bread bag with butter, putting her hand in the jam and spreading jam over the bread with her fingers. We forgot to tell her to use the knife! It certainly made us all think about how accurate our instructions are. We improved on this and then all made some really scrumptious eggy bread which we all loved. We finished by writing instructions for our favourite game for the Year 3/4 Christmas Party.

We enjoyed the visit of the Day Care Centre as we had practised our poems and the performance went really well. We sang our 'In Flanders' Fields' song that we shared with the school at Remembrance.

Maths has been going well finishing the term with work on multiplication and division which went well because we are now getting familiar with our tables. Sidney beat last year's record by completing his 12x table mad minute before Christmas. Everyone is off the first brick and well up the mad minute brick wall, so well done.

We ran out of time for the French Café for parents but will have a joint Y1/Y3 Italian party in the New Year. Our trip to Pizza Express has been booked for 19 January.

We have all got three books ready for The Christmas Reading Challenge and we hope everyone including the teachers will be successful!


10 November 16

Just before half term we enjoyed learning how to play wheelchair basketball as part of our focus on The Paralympics. Mrs Carter is one of the coaches for Wiltshire Wildcats Wheelchair Basketball Club and borrowed four of the specialist sports chairs for us to try. We practised some chair skills, learnt basic rules and then tried to play a mini match. It was tricky to push the chairs and keep control of the basketball at the same time.

Since half term we have looked at Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Light, and enjoyed some drama to help us remember the plot of the story of Rama and Sita. We are now focusing on World War I during the period of Remembrance, recognising the importance of this period in history. Our story telling was about the Christmas football game and we performed this in KS2 worship.

Wheelchair basketball

Wheelchair basketball 1
Wheelchair basketball 2
Wheelchair basketball 3
Wheelchair basketball 4
Wheelchair basketball 5
Wheelchair basketball 6

7 October 16

This week has been another busy one. We have been trying out some tricky place value maths problems which have challenged us and have finished off our Esio Trot stories. Sam said he was very proud of his work as he had not written something three pages long before! We have copied them up in best and they are in display in the cloakroom together with '13 ounce' and '16 ounce' (our names for the different weights of tortoises.)


We learnt that one of our parents designs the sets for Olympic ceremonies and saw some awesome photos and videos of the opening ceremony at Rio.


On Friday Mrs Carter joined us for the fitness test run by the coaches who organise a number of our before school sports clubs. We had to run laps around the school field for four minutes and the record was set at 8 laps. Everyone managed to run for most of the time and in 6 months' time the coaches will be back to see how much we have improved. As a school we are aiming to do much more running in our PE sessions and with our swimming too we reckon we will improve!


Please make sure everyone logs on to Mathletics. Some children are not completing online home tasks and will fall behind. Those children will need to get up to speed in lunchtimes.

30 September 16

Here is our first post on the new-look website. We try to update the class page every fortnight but the first three weeks have been really busy and Mrs Carter has been off for a week's exciting residential to Braeside with the Y6 class.


What an amazing class we have! Rowan class certainly are happy, confident and successful learners and will progress really well (and have fun) over the year.


We started off Y3 writing postcards about our holidays and these have formed our first bright and colourful display. Our focus in the first few weeks has been The Olympics and Paralympics but with Mrs Rogers giving us an hour's quality cricket coaching, swimming all Tuesday afternoon and our salt dough medal making we seem to have run out of time in the afternoons for much topic work!


Roald Dahl Day was particularly memorable with everyone dressing up as a character from one of his books. We had a few disgusting Mr Twits with food-covered beards, lots of clever Matildas, colourful characters from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory plus giraffes and even a crocodile. Mr Hoppy even made an appearance with his tortoise snatcher and Alfie. The class invented a very interesting start to the Mr Gumbastic story which was continued by Y4,5 and then finished in Y6. Mrs Johnson read out the finished story in assembly. Mrs Rawnson taught us 'When I Grow Up' from Matilda the Musical which we performed. A grand day!


Swimming has started well with all children enjoying the coach trip out and the lesson at the hospital pool. We are sure everyone will make amazing progress.


Our focused text has been Esio Trot and we've enjoyed learning about how people act because of their character. We've learnt that if shy people are clever then they can work out cunning plans to be successful in the end: Mr Hoppy invented a wonderful way of winning Mrs Silver's heart.


In Maths we have been reinforcing place value learning more about three digit numbers and reinforcing lots of counting on and counting back to ensure everyone can cope with larger numbers. Any practice at home on this is brilliant. Great news- there are now 20 children who have passed their 2x Mad Minute. Please see the spreadsheet below which  can be adapted for any table so that children can practise at home with.


Great to see all homework has been in from every child so far. This sets a good routine for all home learning through school.


Also pleased to see so many parents at the first ever Parenting Workshop which was really informative yet relaxed. Feedback from parents was that it was very helpful with lots of practical tips for dealing with anxiety. Don't forget to check the dates of the forthcoming workshops.


Useful documents

Church Harvest song



Instruction for using adding and subtracting single digit numbers practice  


If you click on the link, this will take you to an excel spreadsheet.  If the sums are too predictable or you wish to try a new set of numbers, the press F9 to load a new set of sums.