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I can't leave without writing a final post!

I was overwhelmed yesterday by everyone's gifts and kind words. My daughter Annie had to help unload the car and we spent ages going through cards and 'ah- ing' at all the lovely messages. I now know what Lucy P was alluding to when she mentioned the 'naughty Owl'- very funny- and not a bit like Oscar!

Winterbourne Earls and the children will bring me very many happy memories- I will make every effort to stay in touch and will be watching the website.

Thank you- again- so much,

Claire - or Mrs Stewart to you! xxxx 


Thank you so much for my fantastic picture with all of Oak class smiling out at me; it is so lovely and what a lot of work for Lexi's mum!

Also a BIG thank you from Mrs Hayter and me for the 'Inspired Gift' from Unicef- a truly inspired gift that made both of us well up; you couldn't have given a better gift.

Then in Celebration Assembly I was given an amazing 'quilt' (so beautiful I think I'll put it on a wall) featuring contributions from all the children I have taught at Winterbourne and a card with all their photos. How sneaky everyone has been! A special thank you to Amanda and Sarah for their efforts!

I have taken pictures so you can all see the end products.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Week ending 14.7.17

At lunchtime today one of the children said to me, 'it's our last fish and chip Friday in Reception'- goodness me, where has the year gone?

We have had a lovely week this week with a sports afternoon organised for us by our Year 6 buddies on Wednesday and our trip to Lepe on Thursday. Photos from both events are below. Our trip was wonderful, we had beautiful weather and the children behaved brilliantly. A big THANK YOU to all those parents who came with us.

The children will be having an afternoon in Year 1 with Miss Wright on Tuesday to get acquainted with their new classroom; exciting times! The Leavers' service at church is on Thursday morning and the children are to be picked up from school at 1.15pm for their Summer holidays.

I have loved getting to know all of you but especially the children; they are full of such joy and enthusiasm. Winterbourne Earls is a super school and it has been a privilege to work here.

Update 25.6.17

I will not be in school on Monday or Tuesday this coming week; I have told the children and they will be looked after by Mrs Mac and Mrs Morgan. Despite the hot weather the children have been working hard consolidating their phonics, with a focus on the tricky words (those on the back of their phoneme finders); try getting them to spell them for you. We have also been going over numbers to 20, putting them in order and finding one more/one less and you could try this with them at home.

I have made a couple of slide shows of recent events- sports day and the Teddy Bears' Picnic- see them below.

Week ending 9.6.17

A lovely first week back; the children were full of vim and vigour! We were just disappointed with the weather. It meant that some activities for outside had to be cancelled so we will try and get them in next week, somehow! 

In phonics we have been practicing reading and writing ccvc, cvcc and ccvcc words. There are some good interactive websites that help with this, try

and we have been writing sentences thinking about spaces between words and spelling.

In maths we have been revising numbers to 20- putting them in order, saying one more or one less than a given number and counting on 2 or 3 more. I know a lot of you already know about Numbertime- the children have been watching it to help reinforce number facts to 20 and they love it, particularly 'El Nombre'- all the episodes are easily accessible on youtube.

The children are loving the theatre workshop, particularly dressing up (see the photos, we have a clown, bear, vampire and what looks like an extra from Fame!) and they have enjoyed making stick puppets. I think they are planning a little presentation for you on Wednesday afternoon!!!

Next week don't forget:

  • Monday- children into school in PE kit for Sports Day- 1.30pm races start.
  • Wednesday- reading challenge picnic 2.00pm on the school field

See you tomorrow smiley


Dressing up!

Term 6!

Oh my goodness! Where does the time go? Your children have nearly completed their first year of school. I hope I can make this last term a happy and memorable one. We are going to be focusing on two topics, one is Story Time where we will look at traditional tales and stories with a repeated refrain, e.g. We're going on a bear hunt, and then a mini topic on life in the sea. Please look at the parent letter and topic web for more details. Our role play area is now a Theatre Workshop so if you have any dressing up clothes, masks, finger puppets, etc we can borrow then please send them in.

Thank you so much for the photos of the beans, they are looking good, please keep them coming.

Catch up!

What a short but busy term we've had! Our garden is coming on with plants sprouting up everywhere. I hope you are all able to keep your runner beans going and please don't forget to send in a photo to-

The children have worked hard and have made good progress and I am really enjoying watching them using their new skills in their own little projects and activities; just this week I have seen one child create a book all about camping in the New Forest, there have been several information books about flowers, poems about colours (after looking at Christina Rossetti's poem 'What is Pink?'), various life-cycles of plants and animals, money sorted and counted- in 2s! and an amazing airport made from mobilo with runways and a control tower, helipad plus planes and helicopters!

In phonics the focus has been on the alphabet, names not sounds and alphabetical order so more practice at home with this would be helpful- the sticking point tends to be around  l,m,n,o,p when it sounds more like lemon yeller p!!! If you have an alphabet displayed in your child's room it would help enormously as they can then connect the letter name with what it looks like. Similarly a 100 square with the 10s going down the right hand side would help with number order and recognition; don't spend money on one, you could make one on the back of a cereal packet!

The children have done so well with the reading challenge and we have 2 more marbles to go to reach 25. We had a vote in class for choice of 'treat' ranging from a trip to the river and floating boats to making kites with our buddies but the winner was a morning of cake and biscuit making followed by a teddy bears' picnic in the afternoon. We probably wont do this until the second week back but it would be lovely if you could join us for the picnic as you have made a significant contribution to the success of this challenge. I will keep you posted.

I hope you all have a lovely break and that the good weather continues.


Week ending 12th May 2017

So far we have planted sunflower seeds with our buddies and put runner beans in our jam jars to watch how they grow. Carlos' Dad has been very busy in our garden and the children have 'helped' plant out carrots, potatoes, strawberries, runner beans and a pepper plant. He has made a great start to our garden endeavours creating a compost corner and putting down edging for a new bed, so many thanks to him. 

We have been doing lots with beans after reading Jack and the Beanstalk! We have been using them to measure and for counting up to 20 and we have been combining two groups of beans to find out how many altogether. We have created a beanstalk on the wall with a castle at the top and various characters from the story drawn by the children with speech bubbles showing how well the children are doing with their writing.

In phonics we have been practicing writing sentences with more complex words in and I am pleased with how well the children are applying their knowledge. At home you could ask them to create a sentence and write it down for you; challenge them to think of sentences for 'random' words, e.g. plughole! Who can come up with the best sentence?


Mid week news 26th April 2017

I have attached the topic web and parent letter for this term so please take a look. I was hoping to take the children to Hillier's in Romsey but unfortunately they are booked up until June! I am now looking for an alternative.

On Monday I asked the children to bring in a carrier bag and glass jar and they amazed me by remembering. Hopefully you have had the carriers brought home with things in from last term but I still need a few glass jars so if you have any spares send them in!

Below I have put on the photos from last term including lovely ones of you all working together at the reading workshop and science week with birds of prey, spinning snakes, bubbles and microscopes!

Term 5

Welcome back- I hope you all had a really lovely Easter. Our topic this term is 'In the Garden' and I will be attaching the topic web and termly letter once they have been given the all clear. We will be gardening and planting, making experiments, looking for minibeasts and lots of other things!

I have so many super photos to download of Science week at the end of last term so I will be doing that between appointments for parents' evenings- don't forget, this Monday 24th and Wednesday 26th. If you have forgotten your times I have a copy so just ask.

Week Ending 31st March 2017

Thank you to all of you that attended the reading workshop on Friday- I hope you felt it was worth your while. It was so lovely to see you all working together. If there is any more you'd like to know or anything you are unsure about then please do come and see me. Mrs Carter has her presentation on her class web page (Year 3); take a look it is very interesting reading.

This coming week is going to be very busy with Science week and preparations for the church service on Thursday.

To kick start the week we are all going for a walk towards Figsbury Ring with the aim of looking for science all around us, for example the signs of spring, cloud formations, creatures of all kinds, hinges on a gate, etc. Ask your child what they had to keep an eye out for and what they saw. You are welcome to walk with us; we are leaving at 9.30am and should be back by 10.45am.

The focus for the week is birds of prey and on Monday the children will be getting a talk followed by a falconry display in the afternoon. Hopefully it will inspire the children to really engage in the week's activities.

If you have any bird reference books we would be grateful if you could lend them to us and also any feathers of all kinds; we will try to take good care of them.

See you in church on Thursday morning. smiley

Week Ending 24th March 2017

I hope all you mums have had a lovely Mother's Day and have found your cards and gifts; the children worked very hard to make them in time for you and practiced lots of skills.

In phonics we have been thinking about syllables and how many syllables there are in words. Mrs Parsons, our music teacher, made us think about this when we learnt the song 'Old Mr Woodpecker' as we have to clap every syllable- ask the children to show you. We made sets of 1, 2 and 3 syllable words and we tried writing them too. Breaking words into syllables is a good way of encouraging children to think about all the sounds in words.

In our last philosophy session with Tom we were thinking about what makes something special and he tied it in beautifully with Mother's Day. I am intending to keep our philosophy sessions going and I will update you with topics we discuss.

On Thursday the children came in to school discussing the tragic terrorist attack in London; they are bombarded with so much information from the media that it is hard to shield them from events. At their age it is easy for information to become confused and for them to become anxious and frightened. I explained that it was a terrible thing that had happened and very sad but that these events are rare and they shouldn't worry. I did not go into any details or encourage further discussion. I hope you agree that this was the best approach.

Tasting Handa's fruit, tie dying fabric, printing and dressing up!

School's Book Day

Week ending 17th March 2017

I have been so rubbish at putting up photos this term- I am so sorry. It is my mission for tomorrow evening! The children had a fabulous trip on Monday to Marwell; we were so lucky with the weather, the sun shone all day. The children behaved very well and remembered all the rules and I would like to say a BIG thank you to the mum helpers for coming, herding the children brilliantly and for their enthusiasm. A special thank you to Fiona Potts who drove all the mums- I'm so glad you were there waiting for us smiley

Library news. The separate days did not work, too many things cropped up so we are now going to have library sessions on a Tuesday afternoon. Please make sure borrowed books are back on Tuesdays.

Phonics: We have been spelling cvc words (consonant vowel consonant, e.g. big) and working on writing our tricky words. The children are doing well with this. Mrs Hayter is now doing a session of handwriting with the children each week but, when you can, please ask children to write things down for you and check their pencil grip and letter formation. Remember- no capitals and letters start with a lead in from the line. If you would like to buy a handwriting book I can recommend 'Cursive Handwriting (wipe clean workbooks)' by Roger Priddy . The cost is £6.99 from Amazon, can be used again and again and might be a good time filler over the Easter break. (I promise I am not on commission!)

Maths: We have been looking at 3D shapes- their names (sphere, cube, cone, cuboid) and their properties (corners, edges, faces, can they stack/roll, etc). If you have building blocks or do junk modelling you can reinforce all this at home.






Week ending 10th March 2017

NB-Don't forget Marwell trip tomorrow- 13th March.

There always seems to be so much going on! We had book week this week with a focus on poetry. The class learnt a poem about African animals and performed it for the school during a special worship on Friday.

It was our last football coaching session this week and I can see that the children have made some progress; they now seem to appreciate the boundaries of a pitch and don't just continue running after the ball away into the distance! frown

On Wednesday afternoon we were treated to a performance of 'The Railway Children' by M and M productions; it was a real treat and the children were a wonderful audience, they were spell bound!

During Thursday's assembly the children met the poet James Carter. He performed some of his poems for us and encouraged us all to join in. It was great fun and his poems are really accessible for Reception age children. Take a look at his website at- 

All the children looked wonderful on Friday for dressing-up day; thank you for your enthusiasm! They were all able to explain who they were and some of them recited their poem or nursery rhyme. I do have photos and will be putting them on the site soon.

AND... as well as all these special activities we have been doing the usual reading, writing, maths and creative activities.




Weekly catch-up to the 3rd March

The children are really getting into the 'Going Wild' topic and excitement is building for our trip to Marwell! They have been bringing in books and animals and sharing lots of information. This week we have focused on the story 'Handa's Surprise', set in Kenya; it introduces lots of African animals and fruits. On Thursday Mrs Laver kindly took groups to look at, and taste, a variety of exotic fruits. She was impressed at how many the children were willing to try. A lot of them were surprised by the inside of a passion fruit and the size of a mango stone.

With Mrs Hayter the children have been looking really closely at the fruit thinking about colours and textures and they have done some really super observational drawings using pastels. 

In maths we have been weighing the fruit using a bucket balance. This enables the children to find objects that are heavier/lighter than one another making direct comparisons. They were able to explain that the side that goes down is the heavier side. You could try activities like this at home, encouraging your child to use the appropriate language and order objects according to their weights.

We are hoping to make some fabric prints based on African designs so this week we have been preparing the fabric.  Volunteers spent a couple of afternoons with the children tying buttons into the cotton and on Friday we dyed it in class. I left it out to dry over the weekend so hopefully we can take the buttons out on Monday and see the effects!

The children have been engaging in some lovely role play in the 'African Lodge'; we have had a couple of Handas balancing baskets on their heads, a 'chief' greeting visitors and children ticking off creatures seen on a safari!

In phonics we have now covered all the phase 3 sounds from the 'Song of Sounds' scheme. We will now spend time embedding these making sure the children are really confident with the sounds and how they are written. When you hear your child read help them spot these sounds, particularly the digraphs (two letters that make one sound, e.g. ay) and encourage them to make one sound rather than break them into two.

         Term 4 2017

         Topic 'Going Wild'

Welcome back to school for our fourth term; it seems to have come around so quickly!

I am looking forward to a packed term with lots of varied learning opportunities for the children. Our destination for this topic is Africa with a focus on Kenya, looking at its people and traditions as well as the amazing wildlife. Please look at the parents' news letter and topic web for more details about what is happening this term.

Our phonic focus this week will be the digraphs (2 letters together that make one sound) er (flower in a shower), ou (mouse in the house), oy (a boy with a toy) and air (a hairy fairy- our favourite!)


Week 5

We had a fun start to the week with a 'Where's Wally?' special assembly. The children were challenged to help Wanda find Wally and a variety of objects that had been hidden around school. It was part of story writing week; stimulating the children to write detailed and exciting stories. We are not quite at that stage yet but talking about ideas and exploring new words are valuable experiences. The children are starting to write independently now and we are working on sentence structure; you could help at home by asking them to think of sentences with certain words in, e.g. cat- The black cat was running up the road.

Later in the week the children took turns to hide and look for little Wallys around school but we are still engaged with our Polar topic and we were writing about disasters in the snow!

The sounds in phonics next week are 'oo' (zoom to the moon), 'oo' (look in a book), 'ar' (go far in a car) and 'or' (a horse of course) and the tricky words- are, my and her.

Week 4

We had an exciting time on Wednesday when a scientist came to visit! There were bangs, flames, foam and steam. I'm  not sure how much the children learnt but they enjoyed the show!

On Friday Sandra Berry-Bowers came in to school with her Huskies and we watched as she ran them round the track. The children were able to touch their thick coats and were amazed at how soft they felt. Sandra told us about how she cares for them and the amount of exercise they need! The children loved the visit and drew some super pictures of Huskies with Mrs Sainsbury.

We started to look at winter weather disasters and Mrs Hayter set up an avalanche role play scenario in the outdoor area where the children can pretend they have been snowed in and others can come to dig them out; we watched how rescue dogs are trained to rescue people caught in snow.

In maths we were revising 2D shapes and counting and ordering numbers to 20.

The new phonemes in phonics for next week are 'ay'(may I play)'ee'(busy busy bee)'igh'(soar up high) and'ow'(throw the snow) and the tricky words are: you, they, all.


I am so sorry that the children have not been bringing home library books but we have been finding time tricky! Mrs Hayter is now going to take groups to choose books during our afternoon play sessions. The children will have time to choose a book and then go out for the remainder of playtime. It is important that the books come back on your child's allocated day so from this week:

Snails- Monday

Caterpillars- Tuesday

Bees- Wednesday

Butterflies- Thursday

Ladybirds- Friday

Week 3

Another very busy week. In philosophy the children were introduced to the options 'I agree' and 'I disagree' to use in a discussion and they then had to explain their choices using 'because'. They were discussing their favourite types of weather and the majority chose snow- ask your child what they chose, and why.

Two groups made some amazing polar bear cupcakes; I hear they tasted as good as they looked! Thank you to the mums who help, it really increases the children's learning experiences.

We also thought of lots of ways to feed the birds during this cold season and made a variety of feeders that have been hung up in the playground.

The small world polar landscapes are taking shape and the next step will be to make creatures, people, etc to live in them.

In phonics we are starting on the Phase 3 digraphs (two letters together that make one sound) so next week we will be covering sh, ch, th and ng and our tricky word focus will be: he, she, we, me and be. When reading together you could be on the lookout for these sounds and words.

On Friday 27th we are having some husky dogs visit us in school; the children are very excited about this!

Caterpillars' Ice pictures

Ice and Snow activities, Winter shop, snowmen biscuits and sock snowmen

Week 2

The children were so disappointed that there was no snow! We kept checking the Met Office site and it all looked so promising.

We have learnt about Emperor Penguins this week; they are amazing creatures- ask your children about them. We created paper collage penguins, measured penguins and drew them to scale, had races balancing an 'egg' on our feet and labelled penguins.

On Wednesday we had a special visitor, Tom the Philosophy man. He is going to be working with us all term, getting us to think and work together in new ways. So far the children were given options and then had to explain their choices using the word 'because' and they practiced passing the discussion on to another child. It was a real challenge for their listening and speaking skills.

We have started our reading roundabout every morning and the children have coped very well working on their independent activities while Mrs Hayter and I work with groups. In phonics we covered j, v, w and x and focused on the tricky words no, go, to, the and was. I'm afraid I forgot to put the sound worksheets in their plastic folders on Friday so look out for them on Monday afternoon!

First week back

We have had a good first week back and the class are into the swing of their topic on 'Ice and Snow'. The children have been making sock snowmen, decorating biscuits with snowmen, creating beautiful ice pictures and then watching them melt, finding out about the Inuit in the Arctic, using the igloo and playing in the winter clothes shop! I do have lots of pictures that I will load up next week.

I have also been doing phonic assessments this week and am delighted with the children's progress. We will now be starting the Phase 3 phonemes (sounds) and if you take a look at the website below it lists the phonemes and the tricky words that the children will be learning.

Most of the class now have tag words to learn attached to their reading records and the children will be tested on Fridays; my 'mum helpers' started in earnest today!

Every morning until snack time the children will be involved in a 'reading roundabout' and each group will be doing a literacy based activity including guided reading. Guided reading is an instructional approach where I, or Mrs Hayter, work with a group of children who are reading texts at the same level. You will know if your child has had guided reading as there will be a sticker in their reading record book.


Mrs Hayter would love to create some individual small world 'ice and snow' boxes with the class. To do this we will need to start to collect boxes- tea bag, cereal, biscuit, shoe boxes (nothing bigger)- so rather than recycle please bring them in to school. Thank you

Jack Frost!

I couldn't have planned a better morning! We had fun running around in the frost, making frost angels, footprints and hand prints and finding frosted leaves. We really experienced the cold, touching everything and feeling the ice melt under our hands. We also found some prints when we picked leaves up from the path. Unfortunately by lunchtime the frost had thawed and the children got very muddy- sorry!



Term 3 2017

Welcome back to Oak Class. I hope you have all had a super Christmas and I would like to wish you a Happy New Year! Also, I would like to thank you for your thoughtful Christmas gifts- I was quite overwhelmed!

Our topic this term is 'Ice and Snow'; please take a look at the topic web attached and the Parents' letter. I have made a plea for any topic related resources (books, small world toys, etc.) and for woolly items (to sell in our role play shop).

I am looking forward to seeing the children in the morning! smiley

Party Week

The children have done sooooooo much this week and I expect you have had to cope with their tiredness at home. One more day to go!

I am putting in photos of all their activities starting with the ginger bread houses. Fiona Potts very kindly offered to bake the sections for FIVE gingerbread houses. I then had three mums (Matty's, Max's and Austin's) to come in and decorate the houses with each group in the class using sweets and icing. I do know that a lot of icing ended up in tummies and that a few sweets went AWOL!!The children loved the whole experience (especially eating the end products) so many thanks to Fiona.

Then we had Christmas dinner. The children ate in the class and wore the paper hats they had made in the morning and used their decorated place mats. They also had crackers with some very bad jokes and some funny plastic toys! They were very well behaved and did a great job of eating up their lunch. Two representatives went down to the kitchen to say thank you to the kitchen staff.

After lunch our Year 6 buddies came and we worked together on creating our own stickmen and stickmen adventures. The children made some super stickmen and took some very funny photos of them with the ipads getting up to all sorts of adventures. They will be working more on the stories in the new year.

Year 6 Buddies and Stickmen

Yesterday we had our Christmas party. Many thanks to the parents' association that provided all the foods and gifts from Santa and also to those parents who came in to help dish out the food and join in with the fun and games. We danced, played games, sang songs with Mr and Mrs Mac, ate our fill and then had a very special guest! Again Oak Class were very good and all had a lovely time.

... and, of course, today we were stars in the church for our Christmas service. The children were amazing, lots of yawns but who can blame them! I think Max pulled at all our heart strings as he walked down the aisle in his donkey costume to the song 'Little Donkey'and you must agree that Delilah and Joe made a perfect Mary and Joseph. Well done to all of them.

I'm afraid my ipad was left at school (whoops!) so I have no pictures BUT I do know that some parents took some so perhaps you could send them in to and I can put them up on the website.

I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas break and I am looking forward to seeing you all in the new year. I will be putting up topic information, etc before the start of next term so check the webpage. smiley

Phew, what a week!

The children have been amazing, coping with everything going on. We had a fabulous time at the theatre watching 'The Night before Christmas'; it really was magical and watching the children's faces was a joy! The coach ride also featured quite highly on their list of favourite things ever! At the end of the performance I had several comments about how well the children had behaved from other members of the audience and from theatre employees; so well done children, you are a credit to the school! indecision

We did the final performance of 'Born in a Barn' this morning and all went well. I have been so impressed at how the children have joined in with such enthusiasm and were able to remember so many of the songs. I expect there are a few of you with the lyrics still going round in your heads! We have a few pictures of the children in their costumes for you to see below.

You should already have had a note about goings on next week and I have had offers of help- thank you. At the church service on Thursday Reception have an important role creating a Nativity tableau at the front of the church with a Mary and Joseph, etc. There are no rehearsals for this but we do dress the children up and they walk down the aisle at the appropriate points in the Christmas story. If your child does not bring back their costume it is because we are hanging on to it until Thursday; I hope this will be ok.

1st December!

Count down to Christmas

We started our Christmas advent calendars this morning. The children have made pictures to go behind doors and there is a Santa with numbered pockets hiding a daily treat! (We are taking turns in alphabetical order) It's a great opportunity to practice maths skills, counting beyond 10, number recognition, ordinal numbers i.e. 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc.


Advent calendar

Advent calendar 1

Christmas is Coming!

Our trip to the theatre is confirmed and we will be going on Thursday 8th in the afternoon. We should be back by the end of school; I will be sending out a letter this week with details.

The children will be starting rehearsals this week for the nativity show, 'Born in a Barn'. Rather than send home reams of paper with the lyrics for them to learn I am attaching a link that the children can sing along to, I hope you enjoy listening! 

The children are going to be either shepherds or angels- the choice was their's. I will be sending home a slip on Monday confirming which and requesting help with costumes. If you have any difficulty let me know as I am sure we can find spares!


I also hope you are enjoying playing the maths games we are sending home but please remember to send them back to school for the following Friday; we only have enough games to recycle if everyone returns them regularly.

Library books back in on Thursday please.

Our Switch off day was great fun- thank you so much to Austin's mum and Carlos' dad who came in and supported me with the bonfire; I can still smell smoke! The Global Gladiators are writing a report of the day with photos to put on the website so keep an eye out for that.

Switch Off Fortnight

We are into week 2 of Switch Off Fortnight. The Global Gladiators have been busy collecting data from gas and electricity meters and monitoring the use of the photocopier as well as checking that lights, etc have been switched off. They will be sharing their findings this week.

On Wednesday it is our school switch off day so don't forget to wrap the children up warm. If any more of you would like to come and help with the various activities going on during the day please come and see me.


The children looked so lovely today in their spots and stripes and they all bought bags of change to fill in the Pudsey Bear. I have taken a photo of them sitting in front of their Christmas Boxes that, as you can see, now reaches the ceiling!

Some of the Year 6 buddies organised a wonderful treasure hunt for the class this afternoon and the children had great fun racing around hunting for golden coins! We'd all like to say a big thank you to our buddies!

A Fantastic Effort- Thank you!

A Fantastic Effort- Thank you! 1
A Fantastic Effort- Thank you! 2


What an amazing response to our request for Christmas boxes! We now have a total of 19 boxes and the children are VERY proud; we definitely have the tallest tower of boxes in the school. If you would still like to do a box you have until Monday 21st when they will be collected by the Trussel Trust.

Following on with the charity theme- don't forget it is 'Children in Need Day' tomorrow and the children can come to school in something spotty and/or colourful with a small bag of change to fill up a Pudsey Bear. We are certainly embedding the idea of giving and sharing smiley

Please don't forget to return the maths games tomorrow.

The children have been looking at 2D shapes this week, naming and describing them and using them to create repeating patterns. We have also done some work on symmetry and the children have created some super symmetrical patterns using shapes- take a look.


We have been finding out about nocturnal animals this week and making some from paper plates; we made owls, foxes, hedgehogs and badgers. Take a look below and see if you recognise any!

The children have also been having a lot of fun in the leaves, particularly Monday when they were still dry and crispy.

This morning they were brilliant in worship during the 2 minutes silence. We have talked about remembrance in class and the children have made thumb print poppy paintings that are so lovely.

There are new sound sheets in their book bags for o, c and k (we also looked at 'ck'). The children are doing very well with their sound recognition and we are all working hard at blending the sounds together.

Please don't forget to look through their book bags each night as there are often letters and sometimes birthday invitations.

Maths games will be coming home tonight for the family to play and there is a little note about them. Please ensure they are back in school by next Friday so we can give everyone a new game.

Library day is on Thursdays so books must come back then if your child wants a new book. We will start to send a reminder slip home with the book's title in case you have forgotten what to look for! smiley

Oak's bonfire 3.11.12

What a fabulous afternoon and thank you so much to all of you who came to lend a hand. It makes such a difference when you get a lot of support. The children behaved very well and were very careful around the fire. Mrs Hayter was busy taking photos so please take a look. She managed to catch one of me trying to steal all the marshmallows and biscuits, see if you can spot it!

Term 2 2016

Welcome back; I hope you all had a good break. It was lovely to see how many children needed their reading books changed this morning and to see your comments about working on sound recognition and blending- a big Well Done!

I am attaching the term's parent letter and topic web and will be sending home a hard copy tomorrow.

With all the excitement of Halloween and bonfire night I thought that we could have our own bonfire at school. Can you send the children to school in non-uniform on Thursday (things you wont mind getting dirty and that will be warm) and we will have some outdoor fun and roast some marshmallows. 


Thank you for coming in to class at the end of today to look around at what we have been doing this term; the children were very excited and proud too.

We have been consolidating the sounds s, a, t, p, i, n, m and d this week and working on blending which the children are finding tricky. Try using some 'robot code' over the break where you say a word broken up into its sounds, e.g. r-e-d and the children have to try and work out what it is. Also lots of 'I Spy'- using sounds instead of the letter names, e.g. I spy with my little eye something beginning with c (ck) and NOT c (sea).

In their book bags the children have forms from the Trussel Trust for their Christmas Box Appeal. This is my favourite charity appeal and can really involve the children in putting together a box of gifts for children less fortunate than themselves. It would be fantastic if we could reach the ceiling with a tower of boxes! 

Thank you for your support this term and I hope you have a good break. smiley

P.S. Our topic next term is 'Light and Dark'. I will be putting a letter and topic web on the site at the start of next term.



One week to go before the break and the children are starting to feel a little tired; school does take it out of them so please try to ensure that they go to bed at a reasonable time. They have new 'sound' sheets in their book bags. This week we have been working on i, m, n and d.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

13.10.16 Harvest Festival

I thought the children did a great job in the church today; they didn't seem daunted by the occasion, remembering the poem  and revealing their 'pumpkins'! 

Their buddies collected them from class and walked with them down to the church.

After the service we got back and made a 'sculpture' from the harvest donations, each child making a contribution to the construction of our food 'castle'. Thank you so much for your generosity; the Trussel Trust will be collecting it all on Monday to take to the food bank.

Book Bags

This weekend the children will all have their book bags with a reading book and reading record in. There will also be a plastic wallet with worksheets for each letter sound we have covered this week. Please look at these with your child and, maybe, give the letter formation practice a go. This is an activity for you to share at home; I will not need to see any completed sheets but please keep the wallet in the book bag so we can keep it topped up with current sheets.

Reading and book bags

I am half way through issuing children with their reading books; all will be done by Friday. Please write a comment about your child's reading time with you in the reading record and ensure that books and book bags come to school every day even if you were unable to read with your child at home. This is because we may want to read with your child at school. I am delighted with how enthusiastic they are about reading and about bringing a book home to share with you and they have made good progress with the sounds s, a, t and p.

Buddy Time

This week we started to work with our buddies. We have shared books and worked on a computer programme that designs dinosaurs. The children have loved learning how to use the mouse to drag items across the screen. They were able to print out their finished dinosaurs and were very proud of the results!

Dinosaur Investigations

The children have been having lots of fun hatching out baby dinosaurs from their 'ice-eggs'. They used pipettes and warm water to slowly the melt the ice and release the dinosaurs! There was lots of discussion about freezing and melting and the best ways to focus the drips of water.

This week there is a dinosaur dig going on and children have been unearthing dinosaur fossils. This has led to lots of counting and comparing of sizes; some of the dinosaur bones are very big!

First Outdoor PE 20.9.16

What fun! The children were finding ways to move round the playground and then freezing when they heard the whistle. Then we got out the bean bags and had a go at throwing and catching and balancing. Their PE skills were very good BUT it was very tricky afterwards making sure that everyone was reunited with their own clothes! frown

Buddy Day 16.9.16

Today the children met their year 6 buddies. It all went very well and the children played together and then shared snack. Year 6 will soon be off on their residential trip but when they return they will be working regularly with Oak class reading and learning ICT skills; we also have a special day together each term based on 'outdoor learning'.

Lunch Time

The children are really getting in to the routine at lunchtime, collecting their lunches from the hatch, helping themselves to salad and then finding a seat. I do a lunch register each morning to remind the children what they are having and there is an opportunity for them to change options, however, some lunches are hardly touched. If your child comes home with a yellow sticker it means that they have not eaten very much lunch and will probably be very hungry. This will have an impact on their energy levels once they start full time next week so if you notice that your child often has a yellow sticker then please consider that school lunches may not be the best option for them. Obviously we do our best to persuade them to eat up.

Lunch time photos

The Wheelie Toys

We had a morning of trying out the wheelie toys.

After Lunch

Once the children have eaten they go outside and join the KS2 children until they are called for their lunch. They have enjoyed playing alongside the older children and have been trying out a few of the lunchtime play activities.

Roald Dahl Day

What a fabulous morning we had in class! The children dealt with the fancy dress extremely well and loved going round to all the classes to show off their costumes to the other children; thank you very much for making the effort and thank you for your generous donations too!

We had witches doing puzzles, Mathildas sharing books, Willy Wonka writing and drawing, an amazing Peli- fish and all- and a couple of BFGs!

Take a look!


The end of a very successful first week. The children should have brought home a letter for you today with our topic web on the reverse. If you did not get it you can find an online copy if you click on the 'curriculum letter and topic web' icon on our title page.

The first music session with Jane Parsons went really well; she was very impressed with the children's behaviour and I was very proud of them. Take a look at the pictures!

Welcome to Oak Class!

The children had a lovely first morning; we had no tears! They chose activities, inside and out, had snack and milk, listened to a story and tried out the BIG playground. Mrs Hayter and I were very impressed at how settled they were. Take a look at some of the photos we took this morning.



Another super morning! And some more photos below.

Please make sure you check your child's book bag as they contain a few letters for you. Next Tuesday is Roald Dahl Day and we are celebrating at school by dressing up as anything from a Roald Dahl story. For more information about the day- and for inspiration take a look at the website


Please don't worry about ordering fancy costumes; there are lots of possible outfits that are easy to put together! If you are stuck come in and see me!