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Firstly, apologies for the lack of updating and pictures on this page for a while - due to technical issues we were having problems with this!


Pirate Day! Arrr!

As I'm sure you are aware, last week we had a Pirate Day in school where the children were invited to dress up as a pirate crew and we set sail to 'Hawaii' to rescue Captain Blackbeard and his crew! However, when we arrived, we found a note from Captain Jack Sparrow telling us it had all been a trick! We followed some sandy footprints to a treasure chest and then set sail, back to school with our new found riches! A lovely day was had by all and thankyou to all of the parents who managed to make it in for the open afternoon, we know all of the children were so proud and excited to show you their fabulous work. 

Our Trip to Portsmouth and the HMS Victory

On the 18th November, we visited the HMS Victory in Portsmouth for our topic 'Land Ahoy'. When we arrived, we dashed down to the ship for a fantastic workshop on board, where we had to dress up as the crew, learn how to tie knots, decode a message in flags, identify objects which were used by the crew on board and learn how to fire a gun! Once we'd finished on the ship, we went to the lunch hall and enjoyed our food. We then went back to the ship where we were given a guided tour and we got to see where Nelson was shot and then where he later died. A lovely day was had by all, despite the cold and the rushing around and the children were a real credit to the school throughout the whole day. 

Making/Testing Pirate Ships

We have been looking at different materials and deciding which ones would be best to make a Pirate Ship with. When we had finished making the ships in groups, Miss Wright put them through a series of tests to see how well they would hold up out at sea. They had canon balls thrown at them, they were put in water and they had to survive a snow storm. Take a look and see how well they survived...