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Autumn Term 2018

Week beginning 8th October

The children have had a fantastic week and are becoming more and more independent in carrying out everyday tasks and activities.  They know we are always around to help out but it's been great to see them having a go!  Friendships and relationships are ever evolving and there are inevitably going to be some ups and downs along the way.  Sometimes children can resolve conflicts and issues themselves, other times the adults at school will intervene but we can only do this if we are aware of them.  Please do come to speak to us if there is anything your child is worrying about.  We are always available to talk, otherwise there will be further opportunities at our Parent's Meetings which are not too far away.

We are whizzing through our Song of Sounds lessons, learning one new letter per day, apart from on a Wednesday which is a longer sessions aimed at consolidating the work from the previous 4 days.  The children are beginning to blend sounds together to make words....they are starting to read!

Just a date to put in the diary but a more formal letter asking for permission and contributions to follow...

On Friday 14th December, we will be taking Oak Class to the Playhouse theatre to see 'The Night Before Christmas'.  It is a little trip we like to do each year at Winterourne.  It's the first school trip for the children but is always a memorable experience.  The theatre really do put on some brilliant performances. 

Enjoy some photos from the week.  If there are ever any WOW moments from the children from home, we always welcome you to share them with us. 

Have a good weekend.


Please look at the 'letter' section on this web page for information about our upcoming wellie walk and class treat frown  Please return the permission slip by Friday 19th October, thank you!

Week beginning 1st October


Well, the children have now been in Oak class, full time, for a month.  How time flies!!  They are doing really well, getting into the day to day routines, have started to attend the whole school celebration worship on a Friday, doing a daily 'song of sounds' session and are taking part in PE and circle time (PSHEE) sessions each week.  They have also spent a week, during lunchtime play, without their Y6 buddies (as they were away at the Braeside outdoor adventure centre on a weeks residential) and have started their singing workshop session with Mrs Parsons every 3rd Friday.  Not bad for only 4 weeks in school!!  Needless to say that you may have noticed your child is a little more grumpy at home, or has less concentration, or is perhaps not as tolerant of their siblings (or you!) after school.  This is normal.  From this week onward your children will become increasingly tired and we tend to find that before school you may get some tears- problems or worries about other children in class- not wanting to come to school- not wanting to put on school clothes- some children become clingy to a Parent (especially at drop off time) when they haven't been clingy before and/or tears. Do let us know and....don't worry...its perfectly normal and is expected.  The novelty of starting school is starting to wear off, the children are becoming increasingly tired and they are all going into social and emotional overdrive- many are moving away from familiar pre-school friends and are trying to strike up new relationships- this can be hard, especially if you are the pre-school friend who is being left to play without the usual pal, or if you are the one trying to make a new friend.  They are all trying to find their place in this little Oak class world.  Things will settle down, but it will take time, understanding and they will all be ready for the October half term break when it comes!

Thank you to the Parents who were able to come to the Phonics/reading meeting on the 3rd.  If you were unable to come and pick up our handouts, then please take a look at the Parent info page on this Oak class webpage.  We've put as much as we can up on that section for you.  We are hoping to plan our first wellie walk for the week before half term.  If you would like to come and help on our walk (or in school) then please arrange an appointment with Sarah Hyde (in the office) to do your Disclosure check- I'm afraid that you will be unable to help without it.

Next week is forecast to be another 'good weather' week, with perhaps a little rain on Friday.  Please make sure that your child brings a named jumper or cardigan into school- if the weather is nice at this time of year, then we give them a choice of putting on their coats, but we always insist that they wear a jumper/cardigan (if they don't wear their coat out to play)  It can still be chilly on our playground- even when the sun shines!

Hope you like the photos- it will give you an idea of all the things we get busy with in class during the day.

Week beginning 24th September


This week will be a little different for the children because on Wednesday, Mrs Truckle, Mrs Hayter and Mrs Woodfine will be attending a training session at another local Primary School.  On this day, Mrs Mac (our wonderful recently retired Year 1 teacher) will be covering the class with Miss Sealy who already knows the class and has spent time with them.  In order to prepare your children for this change, Mrs Mac is going to be visiting the class on Tuesday as a way of getting to know them.  Normal service will resume on Thursday! 

We have decided to split the children for PE sessions which are held on a Wednesday and Thursday this term.  If your child's birthday falls before April 1st, their session will be on a Wednesday and if it falls after April 1st, their session will be on a Thursday.  We thought it helpful for you to know in order for you to plan their uniforms on these socks rather than tights, trousers rather than pinafore dresses?


Just a few reminders for the week ahead...

  • We are holding our Phonics workshop next Wednesday at school in the afternoon...Wednesday 3rd October at 2.30pm
  • Please ensure your girl's hair is always tied up as this helps to keep those little scalp visitors at bay and prevents hair inadvertently becoming caught in zips, door catches, other children's fingers etc!
  • With the start of the colder, wetter weather we were forced to put coats on last week.  Many children were very independent and managed to put them on and do their zips up!  Many more could practise though and your help with this at home would be very much appreciated.  Stickers will be awarded to those who have mastered this challenge.

Have a good week and enjoy the sunshine once again.


Having fun in Oak Class - September '18...RE and drama, becoming independent, musical statues and playing make believe!


Welcome Parents, to our first blog of the new year.

The children have settled in incredibly well this week and have taken everything in their stride.  School lunches have gone well and most children have eaten almost everything that they have on their plates.  Mrs Hayter not only works in our classroom, she is also a lunchtime assistant and is in the hall with the class and then goes out in the playground with them.  She would like to tell you that, unless she approaches you after school to tell you that your child is having problems with the lunch, or eating, then assume that all is well.  And don't forget that you can mix in packed lunches too- so if you know that your child will not enjoy one of the menu choices on a particular day then you can book them in for sandwiches, or send a packed lunch instead.  We will encourage the children to try the cooked lunches, but we cannot force them to eat them.  They are also coping well with the timings- we go into the hall at 11.45am and most children are finished and out to play by 12.30pm.  Keep practising using knives and forks at home though- quite a few children wanted to use spoons or fingers to eat their lunch this week!!

As the children start school full time next week, we are starting our pre-phonic teaching and will be working on 'sound talk'.  The children will have played games to help them hear sounds in words at their pre-school settings.  We will be finding out if the children can hear sounds in words -without introducing the written words or letters.  So, we will be playing guessing games e.g. the adult sounds out a word, for example j/a/m....can the children put it together and find the matching picture.  Or, can the children find a picture (from a selection) that starts with 'd', or 'e'.  We will also be listening to hear the sound that our names begin with- not the name of the letter but the sound it makes.

We will continue to send home library books next week and once we have started our song of sounds letter teaching (hopefully the following week) the reading books will come home. We would also like to start our Maths packs but find this quite time consuming to organize.    Its very file orientated- recording who has taken which game, filing it and issuing the next one.  Is there anyone who could spare some time each week (day of choice) to do this for us please?  If you could then please pop in to see me after school on Monday- if a couple of you do it then perhaps you could take turns?

Enjoy the photos below...and if you do screenshot them, please don't share them on social media-many thanks!  Have a lovely weekend!