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Autumn Term 2018

Week beginning 8th October


What a busy, creative week we have had! We started the week with a talk from the mini museum team which inspired us to draw our own collections. These didn't have to be real collections but needed to be something we liked. We then wrote about our collections - what they were,why we had chosen to collect them and which was our favourite. Tuesday afternoon we designed our 1666 houses and the materials we wanted to use the next day. Wednesday we then had the whole day building. It was a super busy and tiring day but we had so much fun. I have also never seen so much PVA glue everywhere! We used a lot!

On Friday we used plasticine to make little boats and people on The River Thames. We hope you were able to come and admire our work in the museum on Friday. If you weren't, I'll attach pictures to follow.


In Maths we started on our addition and subtraction with fact families. This means using the same three numbers to create two additions and two subtractions (the inverse).


  3        7                    3 + 7 = 10         7 + 3 = 10        10 - 3 = 7      10 - 7 =3

This is how we will learn to check our calculations.


In Computing we used a new app to create alien characters. The app is super as you can see the process you have taken through a video. Ask your child to tell you more! We also learnt how to take a screen shot so our pictures would save into the Ipad photo memory.




Week beginning 8th October


In English we will be thinking about our senses and writing diaries like Samuel Pepys did in 1666.

In Maths we are moving onto addition and subtraction.

It is also Mini Museum week. We will be making houses on Wednesday. If you have any spare cardboard boxes (shoe boxes or cereal boxes etc) please send them in with your child on Monday or Tuesday.

Week beginning 1st October


The class have been doing lots of counting this week in 2's, 5's and 10's. We have been counting forwards and backwards, some children even choosing the number to start from. We have looked at patterns and used a hundred square to help us if needed.

We noticed that when we count in 10's, only the tens column changes. The ones always stays the same.




 As part of our counting, we have been filling in missing numbers in the sequence. This was tricky! We marked the numbers from the sheet onto a hundred square and then we were able to fill in the blanks by finding the pattern.

31, 41, 51, __, ___, 61, 71

Please continue to practise counting in 2's, 5's and 10's at home.


In English we have been looking at adjectives, nouns and verbs. We wrote lots of examples linked to The Great Fire of London on Monday. On Tuesday we wrote sentences in groups. We had to correctly write the adjective on pink paper, the noun on yellow and the verb on green. We are getting there! Later on in the week we then wrote our own sentences using all of the above. Our work was great and our handwriting was fantastic. Mrs Baker is very pleased with the progress so far.


Science was great fun this week. We looked at the suitability of materials. A window is made of glass so you can see through it. It wouldn't be made of brick because you wouldn't be able to see anything through it! A house could be made from brick because they are strong and waterproof. It would be silly to use paper as it wouldn't keep you dry!


For Computing we made our own games on SketchNation. We designed our own background, character and obstacle first. Then we played our games. We finally evaluated them and made changes if needed.


I am blown away with the amount of extra work children are completing about The Great Fire of London. Keep it up Year 2!

Just a quick note about English homework - the children are not tested on their Song of Sounds homework. We send it home to reinforce the sound and graphemes of the week. Phonics moves so quickly that we found this to be very successful last year.

Thank you for your continued support.

Week beginning 24th September


On Monday we were researchers and found out all about Samuel Pepys - when he was born, what his job was, who he married, why he became famous etc. Then we looked at the features of diaries and had a go at writing about our morning. After that we looked at some of his diaries. It was great fun reading them but some of the language was quite tricky to understand. We will be continuning this next week.

In Maths we continued to compare numbers and then ordered numbers from smallest to largest and vice versa. We used hundred squares to circle all the numbers that needed ordering and then we could see which order they went in. Mrs Baker also encouraged us to look at how many tens and ones the number had. At the end of the week we started looking at the patterns when counting in 2's, 5's and 10's.


In RE we learnt how Jesus healed a paralysed man. We chose how we wanted to represent the story. Some children chose to draw story maps, some drew the most important part of the story and others created puppets to re tell the story. We then shared our work with each other.

In Computing this week we began using SketchNation. We explored the simple platform games on the app and then designed our own character which we will be making next week on the Ipad.

We have also been working very hard on our handwriting this week. We've looked at how to form letters and joining them to each other. We have even been using an app (Spooky Letters) to help us form the cursive letters correctly.

Today (Friday) we had an art morning and created wonderful collages of The Great Fire of London. They will be up in the classroom soon for everyone to see.

Week beginning 17th September


We have had a super week continuing to learn about The Great Fire of London. On Monday we ordered the events of the fire, on Tuesday we drew a story map of the events and then on Wednesday we practised our speaking and listening. Everyone used their story map to retell The Great Fire of London to their learning partner and a small group. Children then had the opportunity to perform it to the whole class. It was fantastic to see so many volunteer - we had to finish them off on Thursday as there were so many! On Thursday and Friday we completed our first big write using our story maps to write about the fire. These will be up on the writing wall shortly.

In Maths we have been continuing our place value. We continued to use the part whole model to partition two digit numbers however we also learnt to write how many tens and ones in the number. This was tricky and took us a few days as we were looking at the value of the digit as well as what the digit represents. We then wrote it as a number sentence.


86 is partitioned into 80 and 6. It has 8 tens and 6 ones. 80 + 6 = 86


Towards the end of the week we started to compare objects and numbers using  < > =.

We had a practical lesson working with our learning partner. We chose our equipment and some challenged themselves to use hundreds.

Week beginning 5th September


We have started to settle into Year 2 this week. We have been trying to sit still on the carpet and remembering to put our hands up on the carpet instead of shouting out! This week we have had so much fun learning about our brains. We now know our brains are like elastic and they stretch when we are learning or trying something new. The neurons flash brightly when we are challenging ourselves or persevering. The highlight of the week was definitely making our own brain hats!!

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