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Autumn Term 2017

Curriculum Letter Autumn 2017

Week Ending 11 December

What a busy time of year Christmas is! We have been so busy with lots of different things this will have to be a summary of the events from the last month.

Thanks to everyone who supported the maths workshop -we had an incredible 96% attendance rate and everyone who came appreciated the information given out, especially the explanation about the bar model and other images we are now using in this school-wide focus on mastery. Information too has just been published about our current year group who will undertake national times tables tests in the summer of 2019 when the class will be in Year 4. Good to know that we are pushing the learning of these key facts this year! Progress, however, in learning times tables has been quicker for some children than others; please make this a daily focus for home learning alongside reading. 

The children's performance of 'Edelweiss' was warmly received by the members of the Day Care Centre who all joined in during their visit on 17 November. The children have shown themselves to be really musical with a very successful recorder and violin concert this week and rehearsals going well for 'O What a Glorious Night' for the Church Service next week.

The last fortnight we have focused on two brilliant art/DT projects- the wire and papier mache figures of Mary and Joseph for The Nativity at St Thomas' Christmas Tree Festival and the RE frieze for the hall with our section focusing on The Incarnation. Everyone has contributed in some way and our Bethlehem scene of hundreds of colourful houses has been commented on really positively by everyone who has seen it grow and develop.

In maths we have been focusing on multiplication with those who know their 3x and 4x tables finding work easier. We have also looked at money, specifically handling change with lots of practical activities planned.

In Literacy we have learnt how to write instructions with some fun sessions on making jam sandwiches. We loved making eggy bread in the classroom- delicious!

We are looking forward to our Christmas party on Monday 18th and the Christmas Service in the church.    

Week beginning 13 November

Please don't forget the Year 3/4 Learning alongside your Child Maths Workshop on Monday from 0900-1000 in the hall. Mrs Crompton and Mrs Carter have worked really hard on the presentation, the resources, materials and activities for the workshop. We hope everybody enjoys it. Both Year 5 and 6 had a 90% parent attendance, which we can better!

On Monday we will need to return to our story writing on Escape from Pompeii as we haven't written the escape bit yet. We will be looking at money problems in maths, creating a shopping experience and giving change. Entertainment will be looked at in topic, with Mrs Carter and Douggie's pictures of the Colliseum helping us visualise how the Romans ran incredible spectacles like rare animal and gladiator fights as well as chariot races.

Friday 17 November is Children in Need Day and European Day. We will be representing Austria in the 'Eurovision Contest' in the afternoon and performing 'Edelweiss'. Please send your child in anything red and/or white which are the colours of the Austrian flag.

Thanks for helping children learn their tag words- spelling is improving as a result and there is much more of a culture of accurate spelling of words, which is superb.

Week ending 7 November

Please see the photos in the gallery of a brilliant week based on the book 'The Accidental Prime Minister' about a 12- year old boy who tries to get his mum's job back as a park warden and ends up signing papers which means he becomes Prime Minister. We loved the story and worked hard on creating a manifesto in pairs so that if we came to power then we would be able to change our community for the good. We had Councillor Mary Douglas come in to visit the school and tell us about her role and how she came in to politics because she wanted to change things for the better. She showed us her manifesto. On Friday our class voted for the best manifesto and Amber and Isabelle won.

The big surprise on Friday was that our Head Boy/Girl and deputies all signed something for Miss Purchase and suddenly found they were in charge of the school! They had to run celebration worship, deal with problems with the hot water, research the cost of a new reading test and answer phone calls.  Apparently there was a very odd Irish lady who rang up to ask them questions about their new role. Very strange! Ha! Ha! We all kept our little secret!

End of term update:

Please see our photos of a brilliant trip to the Roman Baths at Bath in the gallery. It was a superb day- we loved touring round the baths and the temple, discovering more Roman ruins and fascinating facts round every corner. After our tour we split three groups in the education room and made mosaics, dressed in Roman clothes and handled bathing artefacts. A great trip!

Week beginning 16 October

Our work this week will revolve around our trip to The Roman Baths in Bath on Monday. Please remember to drop your child off early; we will need all children in between 0800 and 0810 and we aim to return by 1530. As well as the audio guide tour round the buildings, we have booked workshops which involve handling daily objects used at the baths and the children will have a chance to dress up in togas. Tuesday will involve writing a recount of the trip and consolidating some of our addition work in numeracy.

Following our school focus on spelling, the only holiday work will be spelling based; please help the children finish all the work on the 'igh' spellings from the sheets at the back of the homework book for a test when we return. Also please rehearse the week 6 spellings glued in reading records. Spelling results thus far have been brilliant with most children scoring 9/10 or 10/10. Well done to all.

Mathletics work finishing off on place value has been set for this weekend. Please ensure children catch up if necessary over the holidays. Any of the home tasks set so far will need to be completed in break and lunch times if not finished in the holiday.

If you are short of a venue for the holidays, Fishbourne Roman Palace is fascinating and well worth a visit. There is also a 'Night at the Museum' event at Rockbourne Roman Palace which is closer (near Fordingbridge) on Thursday 26 October from 1730-1930.This looks as though it will be great fun. Details are on their website:

Please return slips for the Learning Alongside your Child Maths workshop before half term so we can include your views on our presentation.


Week Beginning 9 October

Please look at the lovely photos of the class dressed as Romans on Friday; the costumes were superb. We decorated two life-sized standards and children started some mini ones which are on display in the cloakroom. Each child also made a mosaic coaster and participated in a Roman cookery session with Mrs Thornhill. Mrs Johnson came in to help us create a Roman story that we are sharing with the rest of the school next Wednesday.

Thanks to all our parent helpers who made it such a memorable day.

This week we will be focusing on our story book 'Escape from Pompeii'; we are aiming to write our own story about the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in Roman times. We will be studying more about addition in Maths, with passport targets assessing understanding of place value. 

Week beginning 2 October

I missed the children last week as myself and Mrs Thornhill were accompanying the Year 6 class on their residential trip at Braeside. It was great fun with lots of challenging outdoor activities- check out the photos on the Sycamore Class pages! However, Miss Swan was in charge and the work the children completed showed they had enjoyed a good week.

This coming week children are finishing off their work on non-fiction Roman texts. We will be writing an assessed piece for display showing what we have learnt. Editing and redrafting is an essential part of writing and we will be working in small groups to learn how to do this effectively.

Well done on learning spellings! Most children have achieved either 9/10 or 10/10 in the first few weeks and are spotting errors in their writing as a result.

Maths is still focused on place value with some children extending and applying their knowledge to solve problems and those less confident consolidating work. The Mathletics homework set for the last fortnight supports this work really well and any Live Mathletics is brilliant for speedy number recall. There are still some children who have not passed the first Mad Minute 'adding single digits' sheet even though we are allowing the children 2 minutes. This rote learning is a key building block and once mastered will create confidence in every area of maths. Please help your children by practising with these vital facts daily.

We will be preparing for our Roman Day on Friday 6 October by looking at daily life, Roman Houses and mosaics in our topic work. Costumes for the themed day need not be elaborate; please encourage your children to help.

Week beginning 18 September

This week we are continuing our Literacy/topic work on Roman soldiers with the aim of producing page in a book on the subject. We will be researching all about the types of soldiers and their names and roles, their weapons, their armour and how they lived. In maths we are developing our confidence in place value, extending into hundreds and continuing to learn our single digit addition facts.

We will start swimming on Tuesday, so please pack your child's costume, towel and goggles in a draw string bag or similar so it can easily fit on a cloakroom peg. Friday is library day, so please ensure your child comes with his/her library book and a coat in case it rains walking down to the Glebe Hall.

Miss Swan will cover Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week, but all lessons are planned together so that the transition from one teacher to the next is seamless!

Week beginning 11 September

The children have made such a wonderful start to Year 3, adjusting well to the new routines and grabbing every opportunity with both hands! They have been a pleasure to teach.

Mad minute adding is going well and our work on Roman Soldiers is great fun. Please come and look at our shields! On Wednesday Miss Swan is covering Roald Dahl Day, so expect a lovely display from the class in the library. 

Could you parents send a named old shirt in for art, please? An old cotton man's shirt with the cuffs cut off is perfect.

Thanks to those parents who encouraged diary writing over the holidays. Not only are these journals a lovely keep-sake for the future, they help to reduce learning loss over the holiday, which can be inevitable if children aren't writing or practising maths for six weeks!

Please come to the parents' presentation on Friday at 2:45 in the Year 3 classroom. I have done a lot of research on parental engagement and really value this partnership in learning throughout school. If you have any concerns, please call in to see me at the end of school.