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Autumn Term 2017

Week beginning 20th November

We discovered Traction Man's first adventure in our English lesson. We were shown four pictures and to start we had to sequence them. We had some super discussions and gave great reasons to why we thought something. After we had sequenced them, we had to write Traction Man's adventure in our own words using just the pictures. This was great fun as it meant we could all write our own version. It was called 'The Wreck of the Lost Sieve.' This took us a few lessons as we had lots to write. Towards the end of the week we began to think about our own adventure for Traction Man as this will be our Big Write in a few weeks. We thought about where we'd like him to visit and what outfit he would need to wear. We therefore linked our Science and English together and designed an outfit for Traction Man's next adventure and labelled the materials. Some of us even began to think about his equipment and his mode of transport.

In Maths we've moved on to adding and subtracting 10 (with equipment and hundred squares) and multiples of 10. We've discussed and looked at what happens to the tens and ones columns when we add 10. We've been doing reasoning and problem solving and on Thursday we had to show a number in lots of different ways just using tens and ones. We had lots of fun but it was tricky for some of us as we haven't done it for a while.

Nativity rehearsals have continued to improve and we are getting there. Only a week to go! From next week we are going to try without our scripts (unless you are a host or a judge).

Thank you to everyone who came to our Maths Workshop on Wednesday morning. The feedback was really positive and the children loved working with you. If you have any new questions, please do pop in and see me.

Week beginning 13th November

This week we have started a new book in English. It is called Traction Man however Mrs Baker didn't tell us that when we began. On Monday we looked at the first picture and had to use our inference skills to decide where the story was set, what time of year it was and what a character was like. We were fantastic and gave excellent reasons using because. We were then introduced to Traction Man and used adjectives to describe him. Over the week more of the story was revealed. We looked at verbs in one session and created some excellent sentences where we were able to identify the adjective, noun and verb.

In Maths we continued with our number lines and looked at using the inverse of a number sentence to help us check it. We got on so well we finished the week with lots of fluency, reasoning  and problem solving.

We've been rehearsing for the Nativity in the afternoons and our confindence is really improving. Please keep practising your lines at home and to an audience.

On Friday we had Eurovision Day and we were China. Thank you to everyone for wearing red and yellow - we looked fab! Throughout the day we had lots of different activities. We made Chinese hats, learnt to write 1-10 in chinese, wrote number sentences in Chinese, found out lots of interesting facts about China and finally learnt to say 1-10 in Chinese. At the end of the day we counted from 1-10 in Chinese in front of the whole school. We WERE AMAZING!

Week beginning 6th November

We had an exciting start to the week as when the children arrived at school on Monday all the teachers were dressed up as children! This was to launch our whole school 'Take One Book' The Accidental Prime Minister by Tom McLaughlin. In the story a young boy from a primary school becomes Prime Minister by accident and the text follows everything he gets up to in this role. The children have really enjoyed learning about who our Prime Minister is and the jobs she does. They also had a go at creating their own manifesto's in groups, including ideas on changes that they would make to the school. At the end of the week they presented their ideas to the rest of the class and we had a vote.

 As part of our special week we mixed classes on Monday and Thursday afternoon and the children were involved in debates and finding out more about our parliament. Overall, it has been a fantastic week and the children have really enjoyed learning about something so relevant.

 In Maths this week we have been using number lines. First of all we used them to add and subtract numbers between 0 and 30. Then we used them to help us check calculations. Finally some of us had a go at drawing our own - this was a challenge!

Week beginning 30th October


The children returned to school with lots of news from the holiday so we spent the first part of the day listening to all the exciting things that the children had done. We then had a go at writing recounts using past tense. In Maths we are learning to use bar models (see pictures below) and have been writing addition and subtraction number sentences. We are beginning to see the relationship between addition and subtraction.


6+4=10 4+6=10 10-6=4 10-4=6


On Tuesday and Friday we started learning some of the songs for the Nativity. We've looked at three so far so you might hear some of the children singing them! We've got a few more to go before we look at the speaking parts. Well done to all the children who have started to learn and practise their words. Keep it up!


Thursday afternoon we became scientists and investigated whether materials were waterproof. First of all we predicted which ones we thought were waterproof. Then we discussed how we could try and make it a fair test so we thought about the amount of water. We worked closely in pairs and had great fun experimenting - we even got a little bit wet! Some of the materials surprised us and we were wowed when we saw the difference a wax crayon had in cotton.


We've had a great week back. Enjoy the weekend and see you on Monday.


Week beginning 16th October

Thank you to everyone who came to open classroom and storytelling this afternoon. The children loved sharing all their learning with you and performing to an audience. They all did so well and we are extremely proud of them. We also had lots of fun watching Madagascar 3 this morning for our class treat.

Yesterday the children found out the name of our Nativity and their parts. If you haven't heard, it is called Lights, Camel, Action - Strictly the Nativity. We are all super excited to start rehearsing after the holidays.


The children have all worked extremely hard this term and it was very difficult to choose the end of term certificates. We must say a huge congratulations to Amy who won our Citizenship cup and Oscar, Isla and Barnaby for their Headteacher awards.


Have a fantastic holiday everyone and we will see you back at school on Monday 30th October.

Week beginning 9th October

This week we started our English lesson by walking on tightropes in the playground. We had to work in a group of three to verbally instruct each other how to walk on a tightrope. It was much harder than we thought at the beginning. We soon learnt that we had to be really specific - put your arms out to the side was a much clearer instruction than put your arms out. Mrs Baker was really pleased we remembered our bossy verbs and time conjunctions. On Tuesday we planned our big write by ordering the pictures from Monday, reminding ourselves of the layout and writing our top tips. We then spent Wednesday and Thursday writing them. Some of us haven't finished yet but we hope they'll be up on our writing wall for Tuesday.

In Maths we've been ordering numbers from smallest to largest and largest to smallest. We also had to use knowledge of number to explain why and how we had ordered them. You can see some of our reasoning below. On Wednesday we completed some questions on everything we have covered so far in number and place value. The children all tried so hard and the results were super - keep it up year 2!

On Thursday we managed to finish our art and it is now on display. We have been looking at primary and secondary colours and have created unique colour wheels. Do pop in to see our I spy with my little eye display. If you can't I've attached a picture below. We've had a fantastic week but we are all a little tired now.  

Week beginning 2nd October 2017

We certainly started the week with a WOW! On Monday we had our Circus Skills Day. The children (and staff) dressed up as performers from the circus and enjoyed a day learning lots of skills. Thank you to everyone who came to our show, we didn't expect that many!  If you weren't able to join us there are lots of pictures up in the classroom and some below.  We hope you enjoy!



Week beginning 25th September 2017

We finally finished The Circus Ship and were pleased to find out that Mr Paine left the island without any of the animals. Therefore the animals and villagers were left to live peacefully on the island. Hooray! On Monday we retold the story in small groups to remind ourselves of the whole story. We have then spent the rest of the week writing the story in our own words. We have been concentrating on using capital letters at the beginning of sentences, using full stops at the end of sentences, using word mats to help our spelling and using adjectives to add description. Our pieces of work are now proudly up on our writing wall  for everyone to see. If you want to come and see your child's writing, please pop in after school.

In Maths we have been partitioning numbers using whole-part models. We got on really well and started to apply our knowledge and using our reasoning. On Thursday we started to compare numbers. We've had great fun using equipment and working in pairs to use the correct vocabulary and writing the symbols. We will be continuing this next week as this is a new concept to most of us.

On Friday we continued to use the Beebots with Mrs Hood and looked at The Paralysed Man and The Good Samaritan stories in RE.




Week beginning 18th September 2017

In The Circus Ship a fire broke out on the island so we decided to have our own fire outside to experience what it would be like. We then used our senses to write about what we saw, heard, smelt and felt. Some of the class even used adjectives to improve their work. Thankfully the tiger was used to jumping through hoops of fire at the circus so he leapt into the burning building and rescued Emma Rose. From then on all the islanders loved the animals. The next day Mr Paine angrily arrived and demanded his animals back. Everyone worked together and Mr Paine couldn't find any of them as they were all disguised or camouflaged.

In Maths we were continuing with our place value (tens and ones). We have been reading clues -this number has a 7 in the tens place and a 3 in the ones place- to work out the number, finding the matching picture and number to create a long loop and finally identifying two digit numbers from challenging clues. Take a look at some of our work below and see if you can work them out!

For Science we spent all Tuesday afternoon outside with Year 1. We had four activities that related to our Materials topic. We had to use the Ipads to take photos of different materials, draw  and label objects outside, create rubbings from different materials and lastly get creative with natural materials. You can see some of out work below.

In PE we continued to improve our football skills. We completed some dribbling and played an indoor game of football as it was raining.

Mrs Hood had the Beebots out this afternoon for Computing. We had so much fun but it was very noisy!

Week beginning 11th September 2017

This week we started our Take one book: The Circus Ship which is our three week project for English. On Monday, we studied the front cover and predicted what the story was about. The children came up with some super ideas - travelling to different islands, that the ship would sink because the animals were too heavy and finding their circus equipment because they'd lost it! We then moved on to meeting Mr Carrington, the captain of the ship. We used adjectives to describe what he looked like and some children talked about how he felt as Mr Paine (the circus boss) had shouted at him. Unfortunately while at sea, the ship hit some rocks and began to sink. Mr Paine was horrible and only wanted to save himself. The animals were left to try and survive by themselves - luckily they found an island. The children chose an animal from the picture and wrote as if they were them. They talked about how tired and exhausted they were because they'd been swimming all night, how sad and upset they felt as they'd been abandoned and how cold they were from being in the sea for many hours.

In Maths we revised our number bonds to 10 and 20. It took some children a while to remember these after a long summer holiday, but after a few lessons they are getting quicker and quicker. We will be continuing to practise these as they are so important. On Thursday and Friday we started our place value - tens and ones. We looked at the columns a two digit number uses, what a number represents in tens and ones and started to look at the process from moving ones to tens. We played some practical games, used equipment and had a go at drawing the tens and ones on Friday in our books. We will be continuing this next week.

In Science we started our Materials topic. We had lots of different materials to look at, touch and explore. In groups we then had to sort them. We had: plastic and non plastic, rips and doesn't rip, hard and soft and finally ties together and doesn't tie together. Then the children used adjectives to describe the materials - soft, fluffy, hard, stretchy.




Week beginning 4th September 2017

Roll up Roll up it's time to start our circus topic! Everyone has settled really well into Year 2 and have enjoyed sharing their All About Me bags. It has also been fantastic to hear about the summer holidays. On Tuesday the children had  to 'figure me out' by solving number sentences. They have now created their own which are on display in the classroom. The class have also made trapeze artists for the classroom and written sentences (using capital letters, full stops and adjectives) about a circus picture.