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Autumn Term 2017

Week beginning 18th September 2017

This week we are continuing The Circus Ship. We will be looking at speech and finding out what the animals get up to on the island. I can't give away more otherwise I'd spoil the story!

In Maths we are continuing with our place value (tens and ones) and we will be working towards answering questions and problem solving (reasoning).


Week beginning 11th September 2017

This week we started our Take one book: The Circus Ship which is our three week project for English. On Monday, we studied the front cover and predicted what the story was about. The children came up with some super ideas - travelling to different islands, that the ship would sink because the animals were too heavy and finding their circus equipment because they'd lost it! We then moved on to meeting Mr Carrington, the captain of the ship. We used adjectives to describe what he looked like and some children talked about how he felt as Mr Paine (the circus boss) had shouted at him. Unfortunately while at sea, the ship hit some rocks and began to sink. Mr Paine was horrible and only wanted to save himself. The animals were left to try and survive by themselves - luckily they found an island. The children chose an animal from the picture and wrote as if they were them. They talked about how tired and exhausted they were because they'd been swimming all night, how sad and upset they felt as they'd been abandoned and how cold they were from being in the sea for many hours.

In Maths we revised our number bonds to 10 and 20. It took some children a while to remember these after a long summer holiday, but after a few lessons they are getting quicker and quicker. We will be continuing to practise these as they are so important. On Thursday and Friday we started our place value - tens and ones. We looked at the columns a two digit number uses, what a number represents in tens and ones and started to look at the process from moving ones to tens. We played some practical games, used equipment and had a go at drawing the tens and ones on Friday in our books. We will be continuing this next week.

In Science we started our Materials topic. We had lots of different materials to look at, touch and explore. In groups we then had to sort them. We had: plastic and non plastic, rips and doesn't rip, hard and soft and finally ties together and doesn't tie together. Then the children used adjectives to describe the materials - soft, fluffy, hard, stretchy.


Pictures of all our learning will follow.



Week beginning 4th September 2017

Roll up Roll up it's time to start our circus topic! Everyone has settled really well into Year 2 and have enjoyed sharing their All About Me bags. It has also been fantastic to hear about the summer holidays. On Tuesday the children had  to 'figure me out' by solving number sentences. They have now created their own which are on display in the classroom. The class have also made trapeze artists for the classroom and written sentences (using capital letters, full stops and adjectives) about a circus picture.