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Autumn Term 2017

Week Beginning 4th December

This week, Christmas has come to Cherry Class! Our class elf, Jingles, has come to be with us until the end of term and watch the children for Father Christmas. The children were very excited to meet him and have been doing a super job of finding him every day. The children all did fantastically in the Nativity performances, we hope that all parents enjoyed our Christmas show this year - the children all worked very hard to learn the dances and the songs and we think it showed in their amazing shows. In our English work this week, we have begun writing our adventures for Traction Man, something we will finish off next week before moving onto Christmas Around the World. The children have come up with fantastic ideas for their stories and we are really excited to see what their stories become. In Maths, we have been doing more work on Subtraction and the children have started using the - symbol to write number sentences. 

Next week, we have Christmas lunch on Tuesday for all of the children and our class Christmas Party will be on Thursday afternoon. You can send your child in with party clothes on this day for them to change into after lunch. 

We will also be having our class treat on Friday morning, details will follow when the children decide what they would like to do for this! 

Week Beginning 27th November

This week we have started looking at 'take away' in Maths and the children are beginning to grasp the difference between adding and taking away. They have been looking at pictures and using the language of subtraction to talk about things flying away or being eaten. Later on in the week, they were beginning to show subtraction in a part part whole and talking about how we can describe it in a different way, than for addition. In English, we have been planning our own adventures for Traction Man to go on. The children have been very excited to come up with their own ideas for him and have used a basic plan to create a structure for their story, which they will be writing next week. The Nativity is looking really good and the singing is getting stronger every day - we hope that you all enjoy seeing it next week! We hope you all enjoyed the Christmas Fayre on Friday and thankyou to everyone who came along to support the school and FOWES. 

Week Beginning 20th November

This week in Maths, we have been looking at addition number stories - the children have been given images and word problems relating to addition and have drawn part part wholes and written number sentences for the picture. We have been using lots of different language relating to addition, to help the children understand what it means when we 'add' things. In English, we have been writing sentences for Traction Man's underwater adventure. The children have been using nouns, verbs and adjectives in their sentences and been focusing on making their writing better. We have been doing lots of practise for our Nativity this week in the afternoons and we are really excited for you to all see it in a couple of weeks time. We hope you have a lovely weekend and will see you back in school on Monday.  

Week Beginning 13th November

We have had another lovely week in Cherry Class. We started our new class text 'Traction Man' and the children have been writing about settings, characters and events from the story. They have been using verbs, nouns and adjectives and have remembered, very well, what each of them are. In Maths we have been using the <, > and = symbol to compare numbers and number bonds, the children then practised all of the skills they have learnt so far and did fantastically! We are practising Nativity most afternoons now and the children have remembered the songs and actions very well; we also gave out the parts for the Nativity this week. Please could we remind you of the Maths Workshop taking place next Wednesday at 9.00am, if you have not yet returned your letter, please could this be in for Tuesday at the latest. On Friday, we had a Eurovision/Children in Need day, where we all dressed up as the flags of different countries. We were Russia and the children spent a fabulous day learning phrases in Russian and learning Russian dances, which they performed to the rest of the school at the end of the day. We hope you have a lovely weekend and will see you all Monday for another busy week. 

Week Beginning 6th November

This week has been a very exciting one across the school! We have been doing a 'Take One Book' week, as a whole school. The text we have been focusing on is The Accidental Prime Minister, which is why you may have seen several of the staff dressed up as school children on Monday morning! In the story, a young boy from a primary school becomes Prime Minister by accident and the text follows the things that he does, whilst in this role. The children have really enjoyed learning about who our Prime Minister is and the sorts of jobs which she does. They also had a go at creating their own manifesto's in groups, including ideas on changes that they would make to the school. They though very carefully and then presented their ideas to the rest of the class at the end of the week. We then had a mini-election, in which the children voted for their favourite party. In Maths this week, we have been focusing on writing number sentences using the correct symbols and finding number bonds which are equal. We mixed classes on Monday and Thursday afternoon and the children were involved in debates and finding out more information about certain people/things to do with our parliament. Overall, it has been a fantastic week and the children have really enjoyed learning about something so relevant. We hope that you have a lovely weekend and look forward to another exciting week next week, where we will be starting a new class text! 

Week beginning 30th October

Welcome back to a new term in Cherry Class. The children have already been working hard this week, writing about their holiday and using adjectives to create descriptive sentences about Bonfire Night. The children have also created some wonderful firework pictures using printing and the computers. In Maths we have, again, been looking at number bonds to ten and how these can be shown in a part, part whole model. All of the children have engaged well with this and have been practising their number bonds to ten all week! This is something which could be reinforced at home over the weekend, as they are a crucial part of your child's mathematical learning journey. We have also started rehearsal's for our nativity and we have learnt 3 of the songs for the show, with dance moves to go with them. The children have been fantastic performers and picked up the songs and dances very quickly. In guided reading this week, we have been focusing on using the pictures to help us work out unfamiliar words. Unfortunately, due to the technical work that was being done on the school server over the holidays, we have been unable to change library books this week, however we will be back up and running with this from Monday. We hope that you have a nice weekend and will see you back on Monday. 

Week beginning 16th October

Firstly, a very big thank you to everyone who came into school for the open afternoon today. The children were so excited to show you all of their fabulous work and their performance of Mr Majeika Joins the Circus was amazing! The children did themselves and us proud. They really enjoyed their class treat this morning and sat beautifully whilst watching the film. Well done to the children who got Head Teacher's certificates in celebration worship and to Felicity Smith for earning the citizenship cup for this half term. We have sent home two reading books with your child for half term, please could you ensure that both are returned when we come back to school. We hope that you all have a fantastic, restful half term and we are already excited to see what the next term will bring (including our nativity: Lights, Camel, Action! Strictly, the nativity).

Week beginning 9th October 

This week we have been doing our 'Big Write', where the children have been independently writing instructions for how to walk a tightrope. The children have taken to this task fantastically and really enjoyed practising the skill themselves on Monday. In Maths this week, we have been focusing on the part, part whole model - where we look at splitting numbers into two parts. The children have all been amazing with this new skill and have been using it independently in their own Maths challenges, as well as when prompted in Maths sessions. In Science this week, we have designed Big Top's and labeled them with the materials which we think would be suitable. We discussed the idea of something being waterproof and will explore this idea further after half term. Thankyou to all the parents who attended parents evening this week, it was lovely to talk about all the fantastic things your children have accomplished so far this term. We hope you have a lovely weekend and will see you back on Monday for a very short last week! 

The library book change timetable is under the general timetable tab on our class homepage, if you would like to know the day that your child has chance to change their book. 

Week beginning 2nd October

We have had a fantastic week in Cherry class! The children had an amazing time on Monday with Juggling Jake, learning all the different circus skills and really enjoyed showing what they had learnt to parents at the end of the day. The children all behaved amazingly and were a credit to the school whilst he was in. The day after, we wrote thank you letters to him, which we have sent off to his office for him to read. We then looked at a set of instructions to think about what we need to include when we write our own, based on a circus skill, next week. The children had a go at ordering some instructions and sticking these into their books. In Maths this week, we have used the language of more than, less than and equal to, to compare groups of objects and numbers. We have also begun to look at and learn our number bonds to 10, as these are such an important part of our Maths learning. We went down to the church on Thursday for the Harvest Festival, where the children all sat beautifully and sang their Harvest songs for the rest of the school and parents. Our guided reading focus this week was to use pictures to help us work out unfamiliar words. 

I will attach a document showing the children's day for changing their library books, as these are different for different groups.

I have also sent home parents evening appointments with the children this evening, so please have a look in their reading records/book bags for your time. If you have not yet made an appointment, please come to see me on Monday morning and we can try to find a convenient slot. We hope that you have a lovely weekend.   

Week beginning 25th September

This week we have completed our learning on the text 'The Circus Ship' and the children have been re-writing the story in their own words. All of the children have tried really hard and completed some fantastic versions of the story, with lovely writing and sounding out. In Maths this week, we have been looking at how to find one more and one less than a number. The children have shown this in lots of different ways and used many resources to support their understanding of this. In Science this week, we have been matching objects to the material(s) which they are made from. In PE, we have been continuing to practise our football skills as well as using a ball to perform circus tricks. The children have also been earning points in their groups this week, based on their independent learning across the mornings. Maths passports have been sent home and tag words have also been updated. In guided reading this week, we have been focusing on sounding out words we are unfamiliar with.

We hope you have a lovely weekend, and look forward to seeing you for our Circus Day with Juggling Jake on Monday. 

Week beginning 18th September

This week, we have continued with our topic story, The Circus Ship, where the children have been finding out what the animals do when they arrive, stranded, on an island. We went up to the fire pit to recreate a scene from the book, where the tiger jumped into a blazing how to save one of the villagers. The children produced some fantastic writing from this and all worked hard to remember their capital letters and full stops. In Maths, we have been continuing with counting from 0-10 and beyond, forwards and backwards and later in the week, we started filling in missing number sequences. We have continued our exploration of different materials this week in Science , where we joined with Year 2 and looked at the materials in the world around us. The first set of tag words came home with your children on Tuesday and, as mentioned at the parents meeting, these will be tested, checked and updated each Tuesday. Maths passports were sent home on Friday this week (apologies for them being a day late), but they will normally be sent on a Thursday. We hope you have a great weekend and look forward to seeing you all Monday. 


Week beginning 11th September

This week we will be starting our topic 'Roll Up, Roll Up' with some English work based around the story, 'The Circus Ship'. The children will be predicting, describing and writing speech for the different characters in the story. In Maths, we will be working on counting and writing numbers to 10 and beyond through lots of practical activities. 

We have had a fabulous week in Cherry Class! The children have all worked really hard and also had fun along the way. We kicked off our circus topic with 'The Circus Ship' story and the children were encouraged to predict what might happen next, write descriptions of different characters and even get into the minds of the circus animals who had been left, stranded in the sea! In Maths the children have been fantastic at representing numbers in different ways, sorting and grouping objects and representing these in their books. In Science, the children became 'material explorers' where they were exploring and sorting different materials, based on their properties. 

We had Roald Dahl day on Wednesday, in which the children mixed across year groups in the afternoon and created some fantastic displays for the library, based on one of the authors books.

Thank you to all parents who attended the parent meeting on Tuesday afternoon and for those who couldn't make it, we have spare copies of the slides and topic maps in the classroom which you are welcome to come and collect. These will also be available on the website from Monday. 

We hope you have a fantastic weekend and look forward to seeing you back in school on Monday!

Week beginning 4th September

We would like to start by wishing you all a very warm welcome to Cherry Class! 

We have started the year with a fantastic week in our classroom; we have looked at repeating patterns in Maths and had a go at making our own, we have written all about our Summer Holidays for the writing wall and we have made some trapeze artists to introduce our topic 'Roll Up, Roll Up'. The children have settled in well to the Year 1 classroom and are already making it their own; they have agreed rules and expectations and have been exploring to find out where everything is. They have also been very excited to use the new interactive whiteboard in our classroom and have used it daily to enhance their learning!

We wish you all a lovely weekend and look forward to seeing you back on Monday morning.